Failure of Desire


What use do these confines have for us?

We are biological specimens of movement, not mind.

Yet we define our own prisons,

answer to the perceived rather than actual.

Each step of the process confines us tighter,

leaving nothing but lies, false perceptions, abundant ideals,

loss, pain, hope, knowledge and ignorance, and if you're lucky, a little happiness.

Then, suddenly, a breath of fresh air.

Accomplishments and achievements stack up,

loneliness results in friendliness.

Also a falsification.

The water rises again, too suddenly for most to react

some drop to the ground, others struggle before succumbing.

Yet few manage to stay ahead of the curve,

seeing their only chance of survival as years of struggle.

And so it is, as weaker enemies take their toll.

Sanity only allocated to those with coffee.

And so we survive.

To build, discover, and create.

A semi sweet fulfillment of long lost dreams.



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