Things You Can't Say To Your Teacher?

High School, a place of pity, I ask the teacher "are you listening",
all of these muiltple assignments when you know history can't compete with english, 
and science can't compete with math, so why do you assume we can work by the minute that fast,
no wait I said "i'm not finished, I have rights", as listed in the 1st amendments that I have
rights. And I believe that we as students have the right to succeed so help us improve,
instead of rushing just lead. I have no remorse for how i'm feeling it is your job to lead,
to reconsider that this is not only your life, but our life your dealing with,
you can't just teach us something in one day and expect us to know it right off the top,
it takes time for us to learn just like it took time for you during one point in your life. 
I know your the teacher and your in control, you seem to know more than us but, 
we are students that can prove you wrong, I know im not perfect, I just don't deserve this,
I want a relationship with my teacher who expresses that I am the best,
even if i'm making the highest grade in my class i'm not the type to brag about it, 
like how you brag about your masters, or high P.H.D's. Wish us the best , just
let us lead. When I raise my hand don't ignore me, when I give you an answer don't tell me i'm wrong,
just here me out make me a better student who feels that my teacher really doesnt care about what
Is right or wrong, that her life, and his life no matter what we become just began to support us when 
we push for the best over, and over again, as long as we never give up.
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