Repression of the Public Student Voice


I’ll tell you one thing about our school

That will probably never change

Whenever anyone tries to stand up

To make a big, real difference

For anything or anyone

They’re shut



Top to bottom

Down and up

The Admins will find a way

Do a fundraiser, I say

From miles and miles away

You’ll see my aspirations be slain


Why can’t I try to help?

Why is it that someone

Who wants to do a little fun nothing

Can go,

“No Problem!”


But when you plan to make an impact,

You plan to ripple the water,

To shake down the skyscrapers,

To shatter the world to something

No one has ever seen



Help the bullied, I say

I’ve been there, many have

Yet so little sympathy

So minimal compliance

They have for me

For the one who wants to help


Are you afraid to look bad?

To admit you have a problem here?

Everyone has them,

77% of students report bullying

As a problem in their schools,

I would know, I’ve been researching


But what they do not understand

Is that if they admit a problem

And work toward fixing it

It’ll look better,

Such great initiative taken

Compared to pretending


Compared to repressing

Anyone who tries to help


What is public school anyway?

I live in America

You can’t stop me

From voicing my opinion

From trying to desperately to help


And the worst part is,

That the harder they try

To quash my little voice

The more immensely I’ll cry

With my louder, and louder growing yell

And only try again,

Harder this time


It’s just not right


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