A Note from a Homeschooler

Let them out!


Please, for the love of the Goddess,

Let them run in the dandelion fields.

Let them dance to the rhythm of the spinning Earth,

To experience the Beauty of Life -- 

Not this half-existence at a desk

Every single goddamned day of the week,

Save Saturday and Sunday which are

Filled with assignments from their



Assignments filled with arbitrary crap 

That students couldn't care less about 

Because of their bland, dehydrated nature. 

At least give them some decent material

That they can sink their teeth into

And relish! 


Young adults should be

At the peek of their existence:

Healthy, Happy and Hungry for knowledge.

Instead they are Tired, Bullied and

Force-Fed Facts. 

It's a shame -- 

No, it's a robbery.

They are robbed of the vibrant life they should be living.


The life that they want to live. 

The one filled with their

Own Interests

and only their

Own Interests.

Many subjects in High School

Are not particularly useful

in the "Real World."


The Fucking Real World.

"When you get to the Real World..."

Grown-Ups say.

Hey, this is the real world, jackass.

We're in it.

This is as real as it gets.


School may teach them Calculus, U. S. History and

How to take a test.

But does it show them 

How to balance a check-book?

How to pump gas?

How to buy a house?

I don't think so.


Abolish this system!


Make High School more like college, where you may pick and choose what to learn about!


Let them out!


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