It's Only 1st Hour...


If I'm here on time, you should be too

I'm one minute late, what do you do?

"Tardy! Detention!" But that's just not fair

Because two minutes late, you walk in without care


You start with the lesson, all eyes on the board

We're trying to listen although we're all bored

You're rambling and mumbling, going on and on

But you've lost our attention, you're students are gone


Algebra, diction, what does this matter?

Your lessons won't help me, I don't mean to flatter

Teach us something we'll need past school

Teach me life lessons to not be a fool


The end is near, I've still learned nothing

Up at the front you're still pacing and mumbling

No one was listening, our heads are still hollow

As we walk out of class, we'll see you tomorrow


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