The Truth About Teachers


High school teachers with your strict rules

Thinking you doing whats best for the school

Everything in fact is being screwed

Having created many enemies against you


Always saying "Do our best" and "Turn everything on time"

That's impossible when work is being crashed at us at high tide

Claiming us for being lazy and not hard-working

When in fact with all this work your havng us worried


You always ask for opinions on what can be better

But when do you ever listen to them... never

Always wondering wy we don't paricipate

Here's why, you shooting us down is what we anticipate


We of course don't say these things to your face

We just suck it up and hope the school year picks up its pace

Luckily my time for dealing with high school teachers is almost done

To all the middle school children all I have to say is "Have fun!" 




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