My Utopia Sings Into Creation


No talking turns into 

No singing turns into

No whisling turns into

No humming turns into

No noise turns into

No thinking turns into

No Learning.


We don't talk to annoy you.

We talk to inquire you.

We talk because we want answers.

We talk because we're not getting any.


You want us to look alike,

dress alike,

act alike,

talk alike,

and think alike.


You don't want individuality.

You don't want creativity.

You don't want expression.

You don't want critical thinking.


You've sacrificed our creativity

In exchange for better behavior,

because those who cannot think

don't cause any trouble for you.


But when we can't express ourselves

through music, art, theater, and poetry,

We instead express ourselves

with fists, knives, guns, and bombs.

But at least we behave well now.


My utopia sings into creation.

We must want to live to want to learn,

We need to set our poetry in motion,

and sing it artfully and dramatically,

Because our minds and souls,

depend on what we do from now on.


Communication leads to

Exploration leads to

Integration leads to

Revelation leads to

Confirmation leads to

Acclamation leads to

Inspiration leads to





I love it!!! It makes you think. Awesome sauce right here.

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