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A secret is knowledge which only one person knows. You tell your best friend a secret in confidence. And your best friend tells his or her best friends about it. They also tell their best friends the information.
I pretended to sleep, so you’d leave me alone.  But you didn’t leave me alone, at all.  And now its a secret I hold.
Feel the hidden Spaces between the lines/ Siente los espacios escondidos entre las palabras They are whispering the hidden secrets between your eyes/ Están susurando los secretos entre tus ojos  
Maybe speaking was a mistake Maybe trusting you with my secrets wasn't a good idea I forgot how much power my words hold They have the ability to save or destroy my life
dear jd, veronica is hanging from the top of the bell jar, and her heart was poisoned with antifreeze. what are you going to do when the vault of your secrets destorys itself?
S    another day, another eight long hours of me holding my breath      T    waiting for something, anything, to go wrong      O   over and over, my soul experiences turmoil to the extent of death      P    this has been going on for way too long 
Kindergarten kids don't understand  corruption. They don't form secret plots. The worst they do is gloating about themselves to every other kid at random, telling prideful stories. Some want to 
            If the lined pages                    Were a prison                  Then the words               Were the prisoners            Whose sentences
My hand is kept as claw clutched close to my chest. Even I'm not sure what's inside. Did you think you could pry it open? Secrets are meant to be hidden, my darling,  And mine are hidden from me.
Ocracoke has secrets.  For those who have time, she may unveil herself slowly while her tide plays with the moon and her sun rises with an avian chorus.
Questions like "what happened?" or "did you hurt yourself?" send a  pins and needles panic down my back. Shut up - go away - shut up - go away I can't hear you anymore! You're all quiet to me now!
Why do we hold these things inside? The little things we’ll never say. Is it because we don’t want them to know?
Hearing my secrets That's still only a small part of me You don't comprehend how much life's taken a toll on me But I'm good I'm great Hearts pumping no mistake
Wind, to me sing Your lullaby, Your comforting tone of peace.  I am not,  Could not be, alone Amongst the presence of the breeze.   Tell me secrets, Fear not, song, 
I am a Photograph   I am the slip of paper on the top shelf, The blotch of color in between slabs of plastic, The secret behind glass.   I am the beginning, and I am the end of every tale.  
  Whisper,Here.A whisper,There.But single whisper,turns life unfair.  
Sometimes I wanna say what I think I should have saidand sometimes I keep things all in my headmy mouth closedneedle and threada zipper acrossmy lips of red
The rose petals fall so swiftly, as though they were made of the wind. They tilt and they tumble,  as though filled with sin. The dark color of it's velvet, hides your secrets. They fall to the ground,
Love is evil, Love is kind Still Imagining your hand in mine Entagled together like a thorn and vine The piercing is loves burden, yet I don't mind Oh how this little light of mine I refuse to let shine
Wish we did not hide,One mustn't hide happiness,Please stay by my side.
You dare say 'I don't know what pain is', Yet, dear family, you've been fooled by yours truly.
it's scary how one bad memory can make you forget all the good ones, how a single word can overweigh a whole book and how one smile can hide a thousand tears.
Where would one put their deepest darkest secrets? Somewhere in their room? A friend's house? Their mind? The fire?
Lunch period. A high school courtyard. A 15 year old hovers over a bound book-  a diary- while at school.  The book is thick; full of receipts, stickers,   the occasional leaf or two.
Oh! Earth made human What do thou buryeth deep In the soil of thy heart That thy mouth out of abundance Dare speaketh not
Your lies are bigger than your fears The voice of your heart which you can't hear Secrets were never meant to be kept But now your soul is trapped
I struggle! Every day I struggle: I battle with the Truth; I wrestle with who I am.   I am a sinner, Indeed, that cannot be hidden, But my inner self I keep inside,
Lets take a grade of students from   An Average High School in the U.S. The details will vary, but the main concepts are the same. Young people can be filled with such painful   secrets.
"The mind is a box And truth its key, A music box full of Unique melodies. It plays for those Who wish to hear, Its sorrows and woes Of many a year. You may also chance
All my worries  were covered behind the facade  of laughter and joviality.   Now the walls are  being taken down. There's a hole left inside of me.
Sitting in class with my Victoria Secret perfume of Temptation and in my new letterman jacket. I’m on the honor roll, valen victorian of my class, and engaged, not in some ostensible straitjacket.
bittersweet is a girl with two left feet somehow wanting to dance into my life and making me feel again   bittersweet
How do I describe this feeling? There are no words. No words. Words are scary. You might say the wrong thing. "No." "I like it." "This is me." "I'm fine." "Go away."
My father stumbles in Feet tripping over- Heel toe, heel toe At a quarter to 2 -Am, of course   My mother is asleep in her bed
Slipping under the guards of yellow tape, that warns "stay away," burying myself into clouds and space. Locked into this haven, reserved only for my soul,  
My love for you is hidden, my love for you must die.But it can't,the love we share thrives deep within us.Our love can't be spoken but our eyes say it all.The longing we have for each other.Our eye says that we would climb a mountain for each othe
She has so many secrets Beneath those sea blue eyes So much she's never spoken So many hidden lies She wants to show her real self But in fact she's too afraid She thinks if she takes off the mask
They want to understand me. They want to know how I work. They want to cut me open and see my gears Turning and turning.   They want me to tell all my secrets, Tell my every thought,
What's wrong? Nothing  Everything How are you? Good, thank you. I'm numb, you? What ya doin? Writing
written 08/07/16   The secrets we keep Just words between us, We carefully speak Perfectly hushed. But now I have questions And we are never alone, So I speak nothing
I give my love my everything: The nooks and crannies of my soul. His mask then fell, unveiled a liar, Spilled every secret: none untold.   Friends come, they go, all while they know
Just because you cannot see the scars does not mean that they are not there. It does not mean that the thought did not cross my mind like the blade crosses your skin.
Secrets. We all have some. What makes you think your's are just a little harder to comprehend .  You just cant see them all... Some hide them in their slits, which can cause blood problems. 
Dark secrets stalks the night as the moon raised The steps of the secret edges closer As the moon fetches the ocean praise But I couldn’t clutch my secret forever Each day my passion ablaze like the stars
It hurts again This familiar pain The ache in your chest The depressing rain The gloomy sky So high above It feels cold And chilly And somehow wet And it feels like
Tell me poetry Why would I write for you? I stare hard at the blank lines, demanding You're a wielder of words, they whisper
You let a chair fall sideways, and you let a rope do you wrong. A basket filled with gratitude is now a basket filled with garbage.
Secrets are spread all around    Lies are told to you and me   Hate blinds those who cannot see   The truth that is spoken is not believed   One person you can trust   Is me
Upon thee arrival of opening heated pearly gates, Patiently I waited for another chance to make a cool escape. The shadows and a violet pen provided me with a plain face,
I write to ease the pain of the day, untold with many stories to say. My pen moves swiftly along each line, while I sit here and wait for the words to align. Hours upon hours, while each word empowers.
I need your eyes looking back into mine I need your love, your words, your time. I need your lips and love divine I' ve had none of this kind.   I need your secrets spilling from your soul
Back and forth Back and forth Scanning the lines Finding the rhymes Eyes flicker and flit Watch the words split Feeling the pain Dancing in the rain Alongside the unsung hero
A svelte owl, on wing through this dark mooned night, an ego ghost on the prowl, to find what has been for his might. . Elusive moonlight, scattered over frosty grass,
Shadows, Dark, cold spots in a ray of sun. Shadows hide things, Hide secrets.   You look at me, You see a bright, smiling, happy person. But it's only a wall, And that wall,
This feeling sining into my chest It feels as though someone has cut me open and poured in hardening cement I don't even know what is running through my brain I suppose now, I have really gone insane 
Kissing. Twisting. Turning. Melting. Loving. Thank you for reminding me who I am. Thank you for reminding me that Julie Andrews was right; now I will always have confidence that happiness will come again.
When the heart stop beating, a pulse will keep bleeding The secret I lay into your mind has already been completed Even if you don’t read this, I guaranteed you can guess that was me
We have superpowers, like waking up daily, sometimes getting dressed, managing schoolwork despite so much stress. We are the best at being alone, and wearing long clothes,
"A secret?" he asks. A cute and airy one. Or maybe just the favorite, Name you want to name your son.
It's not a special book, like the ones you see on TV,  but it's mine and it means a lot to me.    It doesn't have sparkles on the cover, like the ones the pretty girls have,
Someone once told me secrets are necessary, but no one told me secrets get you broken hearted. I hate secrets I HATE SECRESTS, not than anyone will ever know. I have so many secrets
You pressed your secrets into my skinLike they were the most delicate ofFlowers, IPut them between the pages of only myFavorite books, and even thenOnly the ones I knew you’d like
Leave, go out of me You’re the thing that kills me You let all my friends see And then they leave  
I've been digging a hole Way down deep Where I can take my feelings
A little birdie told me It traveled through the air
    In a quaint, little town
A far off dream , is like a scattered memory...
I write in you My mother says it’s childish My innermost thoughts My secrets Locked safely in the tear wrinkled pages of your tattered spirit Burdened with my shameful exploits of debauchery and lust
*/ /*-->*/ Beautiful Love Affair
This is the story of Sylver Raine.
It's so cold Everytime I open my eyes this chill hits my spine & in that very moment Im completely frozen My hearts been numb by the base & I've grown numb to the faces of the pain that I try to run from
Paintings can never be perfect.A soft thin brush coversAlmost every white space to paint.But paintings still has blurs.  
I smile in hope they will stop staring. I smile in hope that they will see the beauty I see when I look in the mirror. I smile in hope to make someone's day.
His face was like looking at time itself Everything moving froze in his wake A chilling daze spread throughout his cheek As if one had now crossed over his own cemetery His nose was curved up into a vicious beak
The hidden name behind this faceThe memories that time cannot erase.Things no one wants to know,Are things I whisper, quiet and low.Things that may not seem much-A gentle hand, her soothing touch.
I made a vow to never speak of the feelings that I
He is famous: He is loud and bright. People are forced to acknowledge the sight of his existence. Without him, nothing would get done. Everyone loves the beauty of his entrance and even his exit.
WHO AM I I am a tree- standing where I am. I am the wind- always there, but never seen. I am an eagle- slowly soaring by. I am looking out for you and I sometimes wonder why.
What am I underneath it all? I am afraid, of new, of alone, of failure.
From our view the moon goes into secrecy almost every month; it simply makes itself invisible to or eyes, but it always comes back; the moon aways ends its secret ventures. Maybe we are sometimes like the moon,
Every Child has a wish.A tiny and small fragile wish.A wish that soon turns to a lie.In which the lie soon turns to a 'deed'Making it into a Secret.   Sssshh...  
The Mystery of the Dark - Not knowing what comes next Or what has already come to pass.
The universe holds so much. It is so much more than we give credit. It consumes truths and devours secrets. The stars are just as much of a mystery as the bottom of the ocean. The moon holds its truths on its darkest side.
If I could, I'd tell you, How when you're near, My heart skips a beat, How your voice sends shivers, Down my spine, How when you talk to me, It gets hard to breathe,
So long, she's spent hiding, behind her velvet mask. Hiding herself from the judging eyes, Pretending to be someone, anyone else. She smiles, while everyone stares intently.
school is so tough And teachers just want To make it rough.People always want to fight even out in plain Sight. So disgusting, bet these people aren't used to adjusting.
6:10 a.m. The birds are chirping, the sun is shining, the sky is blue. The outside looks flawless. The inside is trapped. She walks into the bathroom, she looks into the mirror, she sees the same thing.
Flowers bloom red across the crimson water flow A ripped and torn dream hidden behind hallucinations
I do not have an opinion Because that would be Picking sides And once I have picked a side
I found a doctor who doesnt believe a word I say He asked what was wrong with me on this day I replied "I see things that I shouldn't see A world without sweet honey or bees To sting"
I see I see the storm brewing around me without any grey clouds in sight I see the crash bound to happen when speeding on an empty road I see the shining light in the darkness that is wrongfully avoided
In an abandoned house,a handmade doll sits atop a dusty shelf.
My heart beats fast; My breathing is labored My feet shuffle quickly; My gaze never wavers My book in my hands; My destination in sight My anxiety is there but; My chin is held high
You will alway know something is up with a girl She just doesn't speak unless spoken to She becomes really quiet
the veil for insecurity
A true friend is hard to find
"Honesty forever" Is what I told myself When confronted with a friend I put that promise on the shelf At the moment my mouth opened I regretted what I said
A little stuffed pugto replace to one you lostso long agohas watched you all this time.I've seen you grow,I've watched you learn,and already I knowthis is not what you wanted.
I drove with the windows down To feel the air upon my skin To watch the sunlight kiss the trees To figure out what sleeps within  
These walls have secrets
I have a secret to confess
There are some secrets so horrible that one doesn't even say aloud, for to do so would  be to except it as truth.   So instead, we whisper "I love you" against each other's
Us You, Me
Do You really want to know  who I am?  You want to read my poems so that you Don't  
How was she to know it would turn out this way? What were the warning signs? What was she supposed to look for? When was she supposed to stop? Can she really help who she wants? She saw his brother and knew,
Don't you have secrets you can't tell anybody? Secrets you've kept like sacred promises? All your life feels like an unopened box If you let the light in, your demons escape.  
I had a secret that I did tell I told the pen, it kept it well, But then I told it to mankind And my condemnation I had signed.    On a page the words will stay  Small and silent they obey,
I know your dirty secret Is locked in a box Or a closet perhaps, I hope no one knocks.   It's buried so deep, But still it reeks. So awful and horrible,
We’re just friends, She laughs, smiles, talks with me. We’re just friends! We’re just friends, I laugh, smile, talk with her. We’re just friends!
I’ve let down my walls, And I have no idea why.   I haven’t even known you A whole year And I am telling You things That I won’t even tell My best friend.  
There's this key to success so recogonize where your looking Your busy trying to find it on your own While everybody else is busy cooking NO! It's not under the couch They are shouting and eating
I say I’m a writer, but how would they know When each line and verse I’ll never show? Each word loops endlessly through my head a catchy tune, not sung but said Still, the words can’t leave my mouth
A person, full of pain and sorrow, a heart that is parted in the middle, held together with one thread of hope and faith…
Look up at the sky
"Hello," you say, "Goodmorning. How've you been?" All I see is heaven Lights and glory all in one.   It's how you carry yourself, Carry yourself away from me
Secrets are meant to be hiddenThey're everywhereYou keep them from:Your familyYour friendsYourself They say, "I dont judge."Oh but they do!
Pain hurts   Secrets KILL   No one has felt pain until you've felt what I feel.   Scared to open up   Scared to reveal  
Whispers into the wind go unheard Nature keeps my secrets The trees won't speak a word Even after the sun sets They will never tell
I never knew
As a child she was instructed to stay upon her knees nightly, for forgiveness, for praise. Life progressed on; and times turned for the worst.
Scribble Scribble Scribble that was my day that was the good stuff that was the bad stuff Scribble Scribble Scribble those are my hopes those are my dreams those are my goals
Its 5:33 and your lying next to me, which seems so small but means the world to me.
When we're under the sheets I'm more than just dreaming I'm in a  better place, bigger than just my fairytale
I can't breathe My tears flow freely, the sick feeling of dread overwhelming me His hands are warm, controlled and gentle. He's comforted others before me,
How can yo
To you whom-- has my heart I seek in you, my whole desire. But she punctured you, thy dart. we speak, my love, in quiet words. with words we must not leak for she will come and tarnish you
I don’t think anyone expected this to happen. Hell, I didn’t expect this to happen. They didn’t expect us to happen. I didn’t expect you to happen.
If there was one thing I could change, There’s no doubt it would be To keep my parents here with me.   And no, they haven’t died. You can’t bring back the dead. And no, not arrested,
I don’t know the cure The pain of a secret No one can know It changes everything But will they respect how I am Who I am? When is the time right to let out a secret? It’s important.
The heart beats like a thousand drums When in the face of inquiry to another A yearning soul heard over melodious hums
You say you want to get to know me better. You want me to open up, Spill my guts, Tell you my secrets, Give you my heart.   If only I could.
Tired of all these surprises,
In this world of darkness, my secrets are my own though others try to know them they'll forever be unknown...
I am a song of the centuries I whisper the worries wound within
"You are nothing but what you want to be" And what I want to be I must conceal I must hide Keep it secret Sweep it beneath the rug Never to see the light of day Put it under lock and key
The pain cuts deep, the sorrows wide The sadness gets too hard to hide Paint on a smile and say you're fine, Don't let anyone know you've crossed the line. Add a few bracelets, longer sleeves
Burning on the inside  freezing on the out
You ruined my life By causing me so much strife   You were my best friend That's why it's so hard to comprehend  
A dark door Pich with deceit Secured under a lock A different key for every secret A key for a lie Too tiring to close A slip to burst open Skeletons piled high Past spread wide
Oh, how I envy the ways of courtship In old Victoriana. Its mannerisms. Its motions. Its subtlety. The messages, hidden in plain sight With simple gestures and sleight of hand, so much could be said,
There is a wall in my psychology class It has a tackboard covered in masks Above it are the words "What makes you who you are?" I often stare at those student made facades Wondering "What makes up my mask?"
I've got a little secretI don't know if I should tellyou might not understandbut I don't feel well
Thump thump said the summer rain Once upon a time I was glad you came Your touch reminds me of the wind Of the moss and the trees
                                             Your smile, your eyes always leave me wanting more             The first time I talked to you is something I’d never forget
I am the secret of the universe, You can find me out in the cosmos, Or right here on earth. You see me everyday, You see me all in the environment all around you,
I bet you didn't know.I bet you don't know.I bet you won't know.But I bet you do too. Its confusing isn't it?But a life of secrets is what we choose.
He's not mine to love.
She's happy then she's sad. Annoying comments make her mad. Never ending lies hurt heart, Never ending fights shove a dart So deep her face starts not to care What others speak, What others share.
I gather myself once again I hope that one day we will walk hand in hand my love for you is fading each day but don't forget I still care about you in every way This feeling that you leave me with when you leave
There's more to me  more than you can see you don't know the hurt I do  you don't know what I have to loose  I show you a smile  but inside I still cry  you'll never know how I truely feel 
      Secrets and frustrations deep in her soul All innocence gone… a new girl reborn The temptations leaving scars and hearts torn Painful memories making her un-whole Internal battles keeping her from her goal
Left in then darkness In the corner of my mind Are my dark secrets
You feel guilty, haunted and it's eating you away. You think that you can hide it, avoid it but this guilt is here to stay.   The first step into freedom  is coming out with the truth. 
Follow-~> The woman in blackWho looks for her child. <~- Retreat To the safety of homeWhen the child is found Open-~> The book of spellsAnd wait till nine <~-Close
I walk among the childrenSome young and some oldLike the oak tree in myGrandfather’s house. The wind ruffles the leaves.It is a foggy fall night.Im not alone.At least I tell myself I’m not.
I could tell you a secret, But it's locked inside. I could dig in and reach it, If I dismantled my pride. I really want to tell you, But you're in a different state of mind.
Creeping shadows once more ariseamong the shrieks of pain, their criesMingling with the symphony
Da Dom Da Dom Da Dom (heart beat)Before I knew of his mistake I’d already condemned himEven as he tried to explain I scolded him for action he never madeRazor held high I went in for the killHe’d never hurt another
My life is a lie. Every day is a challenge As I put on a show for those closest to me. I was taught that these feelings inside me are wrong.
When someone asks "Are you gay?" When someone says "You look lik a guy." When someone knows the truth they know me by no lies they just dont know it all the real alswers to their questions
When will the darkness end? Will morning ever come? Will I always have to pretend? Or will the mask be broken by some? The smile on my face, Is almost never real, I put it there to hide,
A feeling so strong, it can't be hidden. Nothing you can do about it, so you hold it all in, but you're afraid the truth will slip out; your secret will be uncovered.
I know I didn't tell you Mum was the word Couldn't you see, in my eyes The things you never heard   If I shut my eyes Maybe I can unsee All of the things The world has done to me  
scars are something i have plenty of, some are bigger than other but they're all caused from something i've once loved and mine are usually worse than anothers, all my scars tell a story
Behind these glasses my mind growls - full of emptiness - like my stomach. Not fed. A mosquito trapped in a window. My mind trapped in a tiger's cage. Gnawed, ripped.
The Wind shares her secrets to summer's dying Leaves; with Her promise of spring they fall so hopefully. One last burst of color- they wither away; calmly assured that warmth returns someday.
The darkest night hides a chilling truth, Invisble to even the most adept sleuth. Creaking, whining, shrieking, twining, Sneaking through the depths subliming, Reaching out to the gleaming sun,
Led by a Voice from within Words slip off my pen  without my knowledge.   They are not my Words  yet my hand delivers them.   These Words are spoken slowly, 
A note for an in the closet bi-sexual even if your family doesn't believe in bi-ssexuality you believe it  because that's who you are  even if your family doesn't know about it  you do... So don't worry
  Where do you think the secrets go Those you think alone you know Are they hidden under lock and key Unless you will it, never free Or are the whispers whispering among themselves
it was a flawless secret one held too tight across her mind it would push against her eyelids so that every single time she would close her eyes to rest or even blink it would take control of her dreams
I write a poem; a verse; a page in my diary, To calm this fire and rage. Cause there is no soul I trust to let the air out.   I listen to those music; to those rain drops falling;
Put on the makeup. Dry your tears. Smile for the camera. Don't ever tell anyone. Everyone already knows. He hit you again last night. He'll hit you again tonight, like every night before, and every night to come. Leave him you tell yourself.
There are so many keys That are scattered all about, Some are hidden, some I’ll give you And some you’ll never find out.   They are the keys to my body Heart, mind, and soul,
On my body there are scars Ugly, hideous scars These scars feel detached As if they are not mine But are simply leeches Unwilling to let go On my body there are scars
If I write to you how I feel inside will you take my words and bring them to life? Will you give them a melody a way to be heard by the weak and the strong?  Will you help our story become a way to let go
Secrets will be the death of someAnd if not physically then mentallyWe shouldnt keep secrets from our loved onesIt will scorn even the most forgiving, of course unintentionally
Whispering secrets. soft whistling air like wind lashing grass on hills
It hurts me, more than it hurts you Seeing the pain in your eyes makes me want to die I will never understand it, but I’ll do my best and try But I guess if nothing was said, I really didn’t know you at all  
None of us are what we seem to be; we have our scars. We carry secrets, pain, baggage, feelings, and thoughts That we keep hidden away from the unforgiving world.
Some people keep secrets like they’re going out of style, Like they’re a form of currency, And if they don’t have enough they’ll go broke. And others, well, they give them out to any ears willing to listen,
Hungry for help, Yet mute in fear of misjudgment, I store my confessions in vaults. Gated and guarded, My secrets are sheltered in silence; A lone and cumbersome collection.
(poems go here) There once was a man named Ted, Who decided one night to look under the bed. What he saw, it seemed, Really made him scream. And now, he has no head.
Blade to skin, my wicked sin My vision dims, the rush begins. Hidden reminders of my pain, Red teardrops stream down like rain. Winding lines across my wrist My flirtation with Deaths kiss.
~Give me a glass and our eyes will do the talking ~Maybe names could be exchanged ~By midday we'll tango,five you'll be flirting, and by six you'll be my ecstasy
Holding inside My biggest secret Could be the hardest The largest Regret. Opening up Could be a mistake; A wrongly taken Chance. They say it gets easier But it could also become
I should tell you that the adoration in your eyes Shines brighter than any I’ve ever known But just like the boys before you Whose fumbling hands couldn’t wait To let go You, too, will fade.
Memories come and go people may fade a way love may conquer all
the girl you found Have you seen the girl that shines? The one that thought she could only shimmer. She holds her head up to the sky. And her eyes; you can see them glimmer.
You love him he loves you There's something not supporting you two. It cuts through your love like a double-edged sword, You were barely even warned. You thought that love would be enough,
It’s hard to decipher from my head and my heart Not knowing which one to listen to It’s like Satan on one shoulder and god on the other Both persuading you But which one will I choose
They make fun of me. Things I do and say. Is this their way Of killing those who are unworthy? Who doesn't deserve to be happy? Those of us who stray From “normal”, live with an array
As I lay awake in bed at night My secrets haunt me, devil’s delight Though invisible, they’re plain in sight Stenciled images in black and white They scream and wail, unending fight
Fighting to keep the past behind Fighting to keep the ground underneath my feet While all around the world dissolves to ashes All around me
It wasn't all fair With the stars in your hair And the smile That played on your lips. When you made me believe Here's my long lost dream Coming true.
Happiness is all I ever wanted But loving you is like a dying weed The actions that you portrayed assaulted The way you talk to me can only feed The hatred I once felt for you is gone In my search I have found somebody new Who handles me like a de
When you touch me I feel The passion. When you are near me I feel The heat.
Let me start by saying that us girls are hypocrites, We give our friends relationship advice and end up putting up with the same shit These dudes only do what we allow Give a dog some beef and of course he'll want the cow
I miss your soft lips. I miss your white T's. I miss how whenever I tried to get the hair out of your face you would shake it right back over your smirk. I miss the scracth of your unshaved face on my cheek.
You call me son. I call you by name. The things you have done You should be ashamed. You say you are a better man, You want me to see. My eyes are open To the man who stands before me.
Back when I was a ballerina I turned and twirled With leotards and pink tutus. I sautéed. I plied. I turned and went the wrong way on stage And provided plenty of laughs for my family.
There was one day, When the world was hid away, That time in place did stay. The sun was high, Up in the sky, And summer didn't fly by.
Such little hands With little fingers Such small feet With little toes Sandy loves to play outside Sandy loves to sing as loud as she can Sandy loves to love things She loves pink and dresses
I know too many I wish I could tell someone all my secrets Well actually they’re not even mine. All the secrets I know, are of others. People think I’m a bad person, because I joke a lot I’m not serious enough
Outside it's too quiet; inside it's too loud. All the words I'm thinking. The secrets abound. The loving, the hating, the liking, the hurting. I wish they would just let me be now,
Music thearapy for my body and soul More room for the new, sayonara to the old Same me, but wiser and bold often portrayed as heartless and cold my emotions are opposite of Django, chained and controlled
You feel alone don't you? Your heart is aching with an unbearable pain. He hurt you. And he was the one you trusted most. He broke that and you are mad and upset.
A yell, a hit, a tear. Sounds echo in my thoughts Why am I ignorant? Why do I lie? I dream; I don’t remember Well it's nothing new, Nothing to shake the rattles in the mind
We all have door with a lock but no key We all have our secrets, our past, our deeds We've seen the ups and we've seen the downs We've seen our loved ones placed in the ground We've been scared and scarred
Satin ribbon strokes my hands and pierces my sides like shards of unfeeling ice Warm, Auburn, satin ribbon
One can never see what goes on behind closed doors. All you have is the insight from a young, bright-eyed girl, who just wants a chance. A typical suburban family is not all as it seems.
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