Carry The Secret To Her Grave


The woman stood almost statue still

Only barely shivering from the chill.


Neither she nor her shadow dares

Step over his grave and risk his mares.


Visits were rare and she always was alone

Not for love, it was for her own


To protect herself from this dead, evil man's

Curses he swore he'd cast on her again.


If she didn't stay obedient and stay loyally

And if she didn’t treat him as so royally


With no more love or any care for him

She still comes with lips pursed and grim


Only because of her beliefs and suspicions.

These teachings keep her unresistant


His death did come and few hardly cared

For his gravestone is plain and bare


It was her who bought his stone

And the funeral, 'cept for two she was alone


She had looked distant, vacant, plain & bare

But, also almost innocent but scared.


She'd seemed on the verge of crying

But, was desperately resisting and trying


To not allow tears to overflow or pour

But, was where she could hold off no more


Now she stands here, not crying a tear

Just wishing she that wasn't here


She flinched at the first drops of rain

Sprinkling over the old cemetery's terrain


This was dead man's way of saying

"Go, leave, you must no longer be staying"


The woman sighed, smiled then understood

The woman walked away, for all was good


When her secret stayed unsaid

And HE stayed in his bed.               



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