Only when your ready


A note for an in the closet bi-sexual

even if your family doesn't believe in bi-ssexuality

you believe it 

because that's who you are 

even if your family doesn't know about it 

you do... So don't worry

Tell them on your own time 

even though you scared 

there is always someone there to accept you

you have friends that kknow and they don't care 

even though you have some family that is homophobic 

its ok 

evevn if it seems like your whole family will hate you 

you never know untill you tell them 


one day you will find the courage 

the courage to tell the whole world

you will finally be able to be yourself 

the bi-sexual person you are 

and have been since the 6th grade, and were to afraid to admit it


denial since the 6th grade

1/2 out since 10th

soon the world will know 


but only when I'm ready to tell.


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