Sat, 12/20/2014 - 08:13 -- CGoines


The universe holds so much. It is so much more than we give credit. It consumes truths and devours secrets. The stars are just as much of a mystery as the bottom of the ocean. The moon holds its truths on its darkest side. Tell me though, why is life the biggest mystery? life is but a product of the universe. Why do we not address the mysteries of death? Why do we not address the mystery that is rebirth? Why must we exclude the moon, the planets, and the millions of stars? We haven't even begun to wonder what the sun is hiding. Everyone has their secrets. The moon's biggest secret is how the sun continues to shine on a world so dull. The stars stay silent on how the moon continues to orbit a planet so seemingly lifeless. The Earth, our dear home, holds one of the universe's most treasured tales. Evenescent Earth continues to host life, although such a parasite ruins the land. So, stop and ask me: What are you hiding? Where do your secrets lie? Ask me this and of course, I will tell you. My secrets lie buried among the galaxy's myths.

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