The Things Kids Hide

Lets take a grade of students from

  An Average High School in the U.S.

The details will vary,

but the main concepts are the same.

Young people can be filled with such painful


Names will be changed,

but the stories will stay the same.

Nobody believes jennifer has a starving-centered eating disorder,

  because she's overweight.

People fuck with bethany becuase she's "high-spirited",

  but she's been struggling with bipolar disorder.

bella hides her suicide attempts

like her best friend jade hides the cuts on her body.

hailey almost got kidnapped on 6th Street on night,

  (but nobody outside the soccer team is supposed to know).

ava's stepmom is a raging alcoholic

  but her birth mother's drug addiction was worse.

The names always change

but the stories will stay the same.


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