Nonjudgmental Notebook

Sun, 08/07/2016 - 16:38 -- cdavie

I give my love my everything:

The nooks and crannies of my soul.

His mask then fell, unveiled a liar,

Spilled every secret: none untold.


Friends come, they go, all while they know

About my feelings, fears and thoughts,

But never let their secrets show

And gossip every chance they’ve got.


Who do I tell my musings to?

What friend will stick right by my side?

What is a girl supposed to do

When she can’t chit chat or confide?


My paper doesn’t mind at all

If my rhyme scheme should start to fall.

My pen would not care just one bit

If my tetrameter suddenly should quit.


It does not matter when I YELL

Or I desire reticence.

No pressure present to excel,

It MuSt NOT even MakE Much s3ns3?!


And if my spirits become l






Or they are h       with ecstasy,

No one will ever even know;

My privacy is guaranteed.


The turning of the page is way

Too hushed for people close to hear.

For once the things I choose to say

Don’t come with any angst or fear.


My secrets hidden in my hands,

I know that they will not be found.

My friends would never understand

So I will keep them safe and sound.


The burden of my feelings lift

With every stroke my pencil writes.

I know my writing will persist

For all my days, through all my nights.

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