They Know

Put on the makeup. Dry your tears. Smile for the camera. Don't ever tell anyone. Everyone already knows. He hit you again last night. He'll hit you again tonight, like every night before, and every night to come. Leave him you tell yourself. You don't deserve this you think. But you do, and you won't. Some things are meant for the home. And if you leave him, everyone will know. But everyone already knows. No one's tried to stop it. They must think you deserve it too. Blend the foundation better. Make it look natural. Stand up straight. Dont slump your shoulders. You love him. And he does too. He loves you. That's why he calls you those things. He just wants the best for you. Suck in your stomach, you look too fat. It's not easy. But no one said love would be. It's none of their business anyway. What happens in the home should stay there. No one needs to know. Make sure you keep your head down. Nobody is allowed to see your face, just him. Let him kiss you. Act like you want to. Ignore how roughly he throws you down onto the bed. He doesn't mean it, he's just had a long day. Lay down like a good girl, Daddy's home now. Let him do what he wants to. You like it he says. Nod in agreement. It will be ok because everybody knows, but nobody really knows..


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