Half your heart to make me whole - 6/3/12

Wed, 05/21/2014 - 23:24 -- Klause

Its 5:33 and your lying next to me, which seems so small but means the world to me. From thick to thin you stood by me, you saw it all even raised me when i'd fall and at times put my arm around and chill at the mall.

yet this life seemed to good and soon to be true, the woman I loved was really laying beside you, I twist and turn through this progressive nightmare, embracing the insult, my life in dispair.

To raise me up only god is prepared, as I reflect on the life we shared I feel the heart you gave me leaving your chest so bare.

When I heard the accident I had such a scare which didnt sink in until you were no longer there, your unspoken sorrows now reside in your will speaking to me from beyond the grave under that green hill.

All that has happened haunts me still a woman who stood by me even death could'nt kill, fore her heart will never go still as it beats in my chest to every whim and thrill.

I love you Satine you kept my world a dream, shielding me from reality that makes even the strong ones scream.  But all this what does it mean...what is there to reap or glean? 

Remember its better sometimes to be heard than seen and any strong bond can be broken if you start at the seam.

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