Is this for you?

Tue, 01/26/2016 - 00:37 -- jerlee

When the heart stop beating, a pulse will keep bleeding

The secret I lay into your mind has already been completed

Even if you don’t read this, I guaranteed you can guess that was me

The side notes, the side texts, the side jokes, and the side love

Such beauty has been moonstruck with my kindness

You seem to have many that followed you

Do you notice their desperate cry for your love?

What a joke, I am one of them…

Silent is my name, where I will watch you from the shadow

Those glaring eyes will always cut through my soul

Now listen, it may seem I have distance

However, I still love the love in secret

Where the demon will sing it songs in loneliness

Letting you go free was the saddest thing I’ve done in 2016

The year maybe only starting, though so many dreams have already been shatter

The more I write, the more you will know that it was me

I made you scared, I made your heart beat twice as fast, and I got you thinking this might be for you

Such creative mind has prolong this poem

Making sure when you read this, you won’t know it for you



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