There is a wall in my psychology class

It has a tackboard covered in masks

Above it are the words "What makes you who you are?"

I often stare at those student made facades

Wondering "What makes up my mask?"


I walk the crowded hallways of the school

There are people going in every direction

I like to watch the way they move

And analyze their masks

Every single one of them holds secrets in their heart

Something they won't share


They hide behind their glittering clothes

Or the feathers in their hair

They hide behind false confidence

Or the words typed in their phone

Some of them laugh too loud

Some pretend not to care

They all hide demons in their eyes


There are days when I laugh too loud

Or days when I get real quiet

There are moments when my smile isn't real

And others when my eyes won't look up


We all hide secrets in our hearts

Big, small, burning, and cold

But none of us will share

So we continue on

With feathers in our hair


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