I've been digging a hole

Way down deep

Where I can take my feelings

And bury them beneath

They won't be anybody's secret to keep

Because no one will ever know except for me


They all say not to be scared

But I still fill the ditch with my own bare hands

I keep on thinking that no one understands

These feelings inside have become my biggest nightmare


I knew I couldn't tell them so

I dug my emotions further below

I hoped these feelings weren't really my own

But then again, if this was the real me

I wanted to know


I made sure I didn't dig too far

Just in case I finally knew in my heart

Which kind of love I really want 

It's hard to find the answer

When it's hiding in the dark


Eventually once it's reached the surface

I'd have to discover its purpose

At first I'd feel nervous

To find out if all my internal struggling was worth it


But maybe nothing will change

I'll continue to cover up the hole each day

I'll ignore feeling my heart being pulled in two different ways

There's no way of knowing if it's only a phase


A few months later, I found the cure

I was asked which side I prefer

The trench I spent so long digging finally burst

My feelings unraveled and I confirmed what they were

That I can love him as much as I love her.

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