The Ballad of Flora Veese Nadia (Part 2)

Wed, 05/21/2014 - 23:26 -- Klause


Lost in the moment as my heart pounds, breath labored and fingers growing colder. My fresh open wound gushes for me raw nerve tickled and the air rich with iron as I collapse in on myself within myself, compressing what makes me appear normal, human, sane, even conscious at all surfacing the devil inside within the walls of my asylum.
No screams are heard as I deafen from the pleasure and push myself beyond the plains that numb ones roam.
Overwhelmed with new or forgotten feelings I convulse like a marionette puppet bound by strings quivering to the dance of kinky sensations that send me into and through ecstasy.
A slave to my desire, a lust to drain the evil, the venom that runs this world; I am the snake, I am the predator hungry for flesh and I am free!
Born into this world through misconception into innocence for eternity my pet reborn through lust and filth.
As I fade away finally feeling something fore food remained tasteless, sex an empty thirst unquenchable, and not enough time or patience to endure life itself…I was truly cursed and now I surrender.
As the blade escapes my weak flesh I dive in and out of reality reaching for my dreams, the stars…yet life clings to me like a plague. Then it happens and everything slows, death rolls through every muscle like the talons of a majestic creature slicing through me out of reality…finally into endless limbo, falling, flying, diving…Alive finally in death.
My vision fades, as my dream becomes real losing sight of my beloved blade I pledge my life together with yours to rest within eternity, only the realm of breath to separate our souls. One life taken, the other given, to find rest beside each other…reunited in deaths embrace.

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Wow like the first one, this is so powerful. Your vivid detail keeps the reader kind of scared but also intrigued at the same time. Amazing poem.

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