That Girl Named Sandy


United States
43° 51' 9.918" N, 121° 31' 28.0812" W

Such little hands
With little fingers
Such small feet
With little toes
Sandy loves to play outside
Sandy loves to sing as loud
as she can
Sandy loves to love things
She loves pink and dresses
And candy and popcorn
She loves her mommy and daddy
Very much
She loves race cars and mud
Football and colours
She is young and doesnt understand
What did she do wrong?
Young little Sandy
With her scared little mind
Does not know when she will see her mommy
Or daddy again
She hides
She is scared
Who is this weird man
Toting a gun like a toy
he shoots
another little boy
That girl named Sandy
wants her mommy
and her daddy
To always remember
her little hands
with little fingers
and little feet
with little toes
because heaven knows
She will see them when they are ready.


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