My Deepest Darkest Secret


I have a secret to confess

I haven't always been my best

I traveled down a dark steep road

Not that very long ago


I thought that was the real true me

How could I be so blind, and not see

It was only hurting me in such a way

So terrible I can't find words to say


During those days of trouble and pain

Nights of cloudy skies  and rain

Not a soul noticed or had a clue

Of all the hate I was going through


I wore my face but wore a mask

And not one person even asked

They joked about it there and here

But no eyes saw me shed a tear


Then came the day when I came to a conclusion

I decided to stop being the me I wasn't

I needed to live how I had been all along

Wanting to change that, I'd never been more wrong


I opened my eyes

Began to take note and realize

That I could smile for simple gestures

And I loved who I was, this life was better


Perhaps yesterday I was crying

But today's a new day, I'm writing

I'm thankful I got that off my chest

I had a secret to confess














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