Young love

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Who is that boy over there too wonderful not to share who is the boy with a smile like the sun words so soft I almost don't run He grabs my hand Careful to catch me when I land  
I thought I wasn't going to show it to you, but I did, And now you know how I have felt about you since you were a kid. After all of this time, maybe now you can finally see,
As hard as it would be to hear it, sometimes I wish you would just have the guts to say how you feel, Because you and I both know that it is what is real. I know you want to tell me to leave you alone,
I have been trying so hard to erase you from my mind, And I keep reowrking it in my mind that I am fine. I go through phases, and one day I'm okay and the next day I am falling apart,
I was there when it all started, when my heart turned to gold When the angels sung their praises, and Cupid raised his bow   Now it's been many years since I was struck dumb
Do you ever get scared of not knowing what you are capable of? And this can be in every aspcect in your life; whether it be work, school, goals, or even love?
Lately it seems like I am constantly going through the same battle in my mind, And it all comes down to whether or not I need to let you go, or hold on and still believing that one day you will be mine.
      Touching you lightly hold my hand, darling with you, there's a better me you're perfect the way you are      Your smile making light brighter your voice makes sound sweeter
How does it feel to have all the answers in that Golden head of yours, But to never speak your mind? Aren’t you sick of not telling your story?
Won't you woo me when I'm 17 Make me into what the songs sing Fulfill my destined dream Won't you woo me when I'm 17 Stuck in that midsummer thing Beyond that trickle of naive stream
It's truly a talent of mine  seeing the best in the worst people drawing love from unloving people convincing myself of impossibility   It's a talent of his to deny himself of goodness and love
  She glides with grace and charm and they underestimate her. She Radiates a sweet melody of summer, As she Drowns out the howls of the winter wolves within.   Slips through your fingertips,
He’s a bad boy and a gentleman too Thrilling me in the prime of my youth   Ride and love and bum around
i thought i did something that made you mad made you hate the way i blink or hate the way i shiver when it’s cold outside i thought i did something that just
We love with a love that’s more than love. It’s passion, It’s experience, It’s understanding.   He’s loved me at my lows.
I know that I just met you, but I also know that what I feel is true. All of the traits I hate is what you have, but funny how this heart told me it's love.   It's been only a month since we started talking,
  I want A wild love But I don’t know  What kind of wild Exactly Do I want the kind That is fully accepting Unconditional And suffocating Or do I want
Years locked up, forbidden A rush of feeling unleashed Everywhere I look I am reminded Of the beauty and love I once turned away from
When I was about ten years old, I only thought about playdates and school, iCarly and Clarie's, I never thought I would feel so different towards another girl. In my highschool senior year, I made a new friend,
How old must you be to experience this “true” love?     They say one doesn’t experience true love until much later in life…   But can that actually be true?   What is “true” love, anyhow? 
They pick you up, there by your side Feels like Cupid cast a spell Unable to measure how much you fell, You open up, hearts open wide Thinking about them, not just a pastime
He loves me he loves me not, he loves me he loves me not Highschool relationship drama. He looks into your eyes making those restless butterflies come alive.
I see love all around me young kisses placed on heads  cheeks and lips It reminds me of the love  that pecks my temple even as something slips
Time stands still for you and I Sometimes Others it seems to take more than it should While we get lost in memories Time is passing us
i slip into a dream it's sometime between late and early and this is where i find you the bugs sing at their own tempos as we walk a steady pace down the longer of the paths
Some Things Cannot Lie: The wagging tail of a dog The chocolate-covered hands of a toddler The calloused hands of a carpenter-hands cannot hide their life’s work-
We didn’t fall in love I just can’t stop thinking bout you No we’re not meant to be But everyone you’re with reminds you of me
I look at the stars late at night The wind that blows against my face is very cold I did whatever I could to make you shine bright When you where lonely I was always there for you to hold  
Dear Sam,  Sometimes I'm not sure if I miss you or the way you made me feel. Sometimes I'm not sure if I can live another second without feeling the way you made me feel. Sometimes I'm not sure how you really made me feel.
My Dearest Clementine! I’m convinced little birds help you dress every morning! You’re a tall sunflower with petals bright and soft. Your cheeks are dappled with tawny freckles
Is it possible To fall in love At first sight? To see someone and automatically feel A deep sensation A trembling infatuation? To disregard The viable pessimism Can a connection
There seems to always be one person. The one person in my head that never escapes. They have made a home in my head, with stories and a nice comfy bed and a room all to themselves. I think of them often, I think of you often.
Our relationship reflected a love song. Full of laughter and joy. Then you did me wrong. You used me like a toy. Played with me a while then let go. We were young. And now I'm here to let you know,
Dear Young Hearts,  
Dear Ned, I know you wanted Nuike and yourself to be wed, But I hardly think you would be happy with her. All she wants to focus on is her... Self! She just wants to put you on a shelf
Your love: keeps me going gives me hope but at the same time breaks me. I realize that you are my everything and I don't know how I would survive without you.  
Today is big But then again Our love is big My dear do you feel it? Did you have trouble sleeping Last night like I did? Did you feel it this morning When you woke up? How big today is-
You were playing with my hair As we lay there in your room And I said baby there's something That I gotta tell you You looked at me with your big brown eyes
  I want you to know that I love you That I always have and that I can’t help it I want you to know that I accept if you can’t love me back And that I’ll still love you
If you came running towards me, I would stop everything. I do not care what it would be, because you are my everything. To say I do not love you,
I love you endlessly. I don’t even have to be thinking of you specifically to love you. You see, I love you when the smell of coffee tickles my nose
Our love was bright red,  You made me fall quick and hard, Then tore me to shreds. 
#BecauseILoveYou Can I trust you? In high school I'm Currently in one. A relationship I mean It starts off all green and circumstantial
When people ask me about youI tell them that you hate asparagusBut delight in broccoliI tell them about how you tell stories Like t
See the girl balancing there Upon the rickety pedestal you built for her Holding her aloft when she is afraid she might fall. But she loves you So she stays;
Fluffy black hair cut short and eyes like a does, Feelings like a chocolate fondue fountain, it flows No letting it go, what we have I feel is true It grows but breathes, my love for you.
I look out into the vast ocean of space and find stars that hold no meaning, I feel nothing but intimidation that I am so insignificant. When I look to the  Horizon I see the sunrise or sunset, the beautiful colors are only that
I look at your eyes and can’t help but smile Your goofy giggle gives me butterflies I’m happy with you all of the while I’m next to you during the lows and highs  
Loving is listening-  every way you move converts my eyes to indescribable glistening.  You never take for granted or advantage of the effort, when life gets tough, you are always there as my comfort.
The first time I realized I loved you You were sitting in front of the TV, It was glowing around you like you were Something holy
Love comes gently. A grazing of hands or A smile. It is then that you will realize that love, Is not searched for, But found.  
A girl, the ripe age of sixteen of course, only has one thing on her mind: young gentlemen. Marcie Lionis was no different than any other girl of the same age.
I might be young but I'm in love. You cuddle me with your eyes,  and make sure I'm alright. I know your the one because your like none. we are in love.
She is my heart. The sun rise that wakes me. Our love never parts. She is the current that takes me. My life couldn't be any better. I put my heart and my love in this letter.
You must hate the way I think about you. constantly. Or at least I imagine and yet you fill my head potently. I miss your delicate fingers singing to my skin when you filled holes
He lived in a warm bubble, I lived surrounded by cool stone. Body of a man, mind of a child, refusing to grow old. a relationship foraged out of loneliness, we systematically weaved through the motions.
Summer love You glanced my way one summer day,You, a world apart;You smiled, we touched, you're unawareI lost to you my heart
  I take a step or two closer to the door of the house Before I even knock I can smell the scent Of his cheap cologne and expensive sweat
“Two Young Kids”   The wind is blowing The birds are chirping The stream is moving And in the middle of it all
I find myself stroking your cheek Before I even have the chance to speak I catch myself mid-stare Tangling my fingers in your hair I feel embarrassed, realizing To me your touch is tantalizing 
The boy who played the Dad to my Mom in preschool. The one who looks like a Who from Horton Hears a Who, and shifts his eyes when we walk past each other on the Coca-Cola stained floor of our church.
I love you more. More than all the stars in the sky. More than every breath I take. More as each promise we make. Every single day,  I love you more than yesterday.   
Its amazing, someone who was once a stranger, Has become so much more. An installation in my life. A part of every conversation. A bit of every thought, all the time, every day.
When I feel the life fall from my eyes, down towards the ground, falling through the dips and valleys of my cheeks,  when I feel as though my knees are drawn to the earth,
She was completely engulfed with his presence. Never in the world had she seen a man so beautiful; what amazed her more is the fact that he had no earthly idea.
Every time I want to say that I love someone I swallow the words like a pill, not because that person is not deserving, or because my words would not be genuine, but rather that I have loved many and proclaimed many that I love them, just to have
Once upon a time, He once looked at me in my chestnut eyes and told me I was beautiful He once said the only person that could set his soul on fire was me
"What is your favorite way to spend a lazy day?
There is nothing more beautiful More beautiful than you The sun is a mere old and rusted penny compared to the glow of your Iris blue   If I could put your sweet voice in a seashell
Your hands, you hate I love when hey hold mine. Your scar on your chest I trace and outline. You say you have too many freckles But I say you don't have enough. You thnk I am bothered by your chin hair
We were like a summer suntan. It took time to create but once it was there Man, it was beautiful.   We had it all. We were the romance of movies. It was quick and easy
Day 29:  I need her, Like the waves need the moon to move I need her. I need her in every way. She made the inevitable form of death not even cross my mind. Who is her you ask?
Every time you smile Every time you laugh  I can't stop smiling Every time you move  Every time you dance I can't stop watching Every time you talk  Every time you sing
How do you know When you’ve outlived Your welcome? I’ve always been distant Never right in front of you If I weren’t anchored to this body
You were a drug. I had a taste and I took a part of you and you took a part of me. You were a way to escape to somewhere else, now that I felt I never want to leave. 
Pludering towards the shores  the hurricane rises higher, each wave more fierce then that last.  The sea green water churns  and those on land fear the damage it may do,
I lay down in bed thinking about what could be going on through your head Where are your thoughts Who is in them How are you feelings I ask these questions repeatedly as I want to know everything about you
He's desperate for another m
Your chapped lips Crush against mine The smell of smoke Lingers around our bodies entwined I push you down On top of the night grass Covered with dew You complain about the wetness
Did you ever see a future with me? Because most woman want a man But I waited for you to outgrow your Boy tendencies Yet you’re still here breaking Lego hearts And drawing out our hopeless story
Your blue eyes Pupils wide Bet you don’t remember How high we were Whitney’s voice Arguing with Kay You yelling about a branch in your eye Me taking another hit off your pipe
I always look down, instead of looking up, I always look down at the feet on the ground, for unknown to anyone, there are feet that I look for everyday since the start of my school, and upon that ground I find my anchor to save me from what I may
How the touch of flesh can bring emotion
I sit in a broken glass table Try to take my mind off all my troubles These words spill out so easy I can’t believe it. Another book, Another pen Another masterpiece Unfinished,
So, your eyes are brighter than the moon And your smile causes my hands to shake. So, you're a vast ocean, A special treasure, Hidden in a tidal wave of So- you're beautiful, and your skin shines like
"I fucking hate you," I giggled as he pulled me onto his lap after saying some insulting thing to me. Even though it was an insult, I couldn't help but smile and laugh; that's just the kind of power he had over me.
TOO YOUNGBY MIRA WILDERIt felt like Augustin the middle of Junehot and humidunder the moonpuppy Love,but nobody knew,about to make a babytoo young, too soon
As teenagers we believe it’s our obligation, To lose ourselves in dedication For a person who is still growing up, just like us And we call this “Love”.  
The taste of her gum, Reminds her of him. The same taste on his tongue,
Doesn’t it
Again. It came crashing down on my windowsil. Raking, tapping, billowing. It clouded my thoughts, yet cleared them too. It reminded me of you.
Floating with the breeze, Your deep brown hair: magical. Perfectly magical. The twinkle in your eyes, The pearlescent glow of the night, Takes me back,
You give me tears, you give me love, but there's more you do that lifts my heart, eve
In the sickening cell,
There she satIlluminated by the flamesA dazzling angelAs we played our games
When I find myself among a sea of negative ions, Forcing, pushing, trying to keep distance, Repelling from my indistinguished negative charge, You are a positive ion. You could say I am attracted to you.
The first time I met you I thought little of you Now I know you for you I like you It's been eight years since then, I love you   We started as friends then best friends then sisters
If time could freeze and our hearts melt into one Sparks of spontaneity signify something has begun But fate is at our door and grief is waking us in our bed Desperation is pushing us towards the cliff
Young love, A terrible trap, From the life twisting heartache, To the unfufillable promises, But who could blame such naive adolescents?   If people on the telly can fnd live, why can't I?
One word and I’m all yours But you don’t even know it Bring on these confusing thoughts And how I know I’m getting ahead of myself once more I think of a future Even though our friendship has just begun
Me peeling fingers, ripped from innocence, diving into adolescence. What is it that makes them this way? The fall from ideals, the way my skin peels, and cracks and drys like never before.
I am a lover of words, of prose, of poetry Something about the way the vowels and consonants create varying Syllables that ebb and flow, forming something beautifully aureate
Their hands entwined
My shooting star my glimmer of hope flashing acrossed the never ending universe a dark abyss of widespread dark matter Longing. yearning, craving to find a home  to find the light  
  You captured my heart from the start With your sense of humor you filled my heart Oh but I didn’t want to admit it to myself or anyone else
I can't describe this feeling, That's washing over me. It's like pure bliss and happiness, To such a strong degree.
You're gone, I wish you weren't, please come back my heart is breaking. I'm hurting deep inside, yet to you my love's still flying.
  Opening the doors and sliding onto black leather seats.   Squinting as sunlight reflects off of the sunglasses hanging on your rearview mirror.  
Blame it on the godfor making creaturesconscious only foran instant. The pastbeing a memory;the future, a goal;the desire’s requests,imagination.Because if I wereto be aware of
With your eyes, your smile, your presence you can mesmerize me instantly. The eyes piercing deep inside of me, The seductive looking giving me a burning desire for you,
Since the day you walked into my life You have brought out the best in me Everyday has been without strife You’ve filled my heart everyday with glee Every time that I look into your eyes
Caitlin I have got to tell you something today You came to me like the dawn through the night And there are no words that I can ever say When all I want to do is just hold you tight  
"End of the River" I can’t see, Please! What’s to be? It’s known, what could, Living in the woods.
"You're Special" That's what he said But what you said was      that I have better things      to do with my life But life is meant to be spent       with happiness all around  
Not everyone gets this opportunity      to find someone like you I take it all in; One day at a time But you're always on my mind ¡Oh it's just a first love! But no matter what place it's in It's Love
You make me happy And what's more important         than that It's a fact - happiness makes         the world go 'round That's why I always want         you around me I dont care what they say, 
Tell Me Is this wrong Is this typical      tested, tried, & true It makes me blue      with fear; this tested       tried, & true It feels so right But this wrong
Follow me back to a moment in time A memory for me. In a crypt. In my mind. Waiting for him, it's an hour past five In comes Drew with his broken blue eyes. He sits across me in a cold seat that grinds,
One step closer we get The hope must strengthen for us The obstacles encapsule us on most days But we cant let them hold us down Because remember you said together we are infinite
I tore through her forrest of thorns slowly becoming crazed, the faster I galloped, the more I panted.   I saw her horizon line, bathing like temptation against the heat of 
A broken girl you see with a flawed family she hides up in a tree playing hide and seek too old now for the games she is consumed by all the flames the girl she wants to be
Swelling and beating when I think of you It's as if I envision you here fingers tangled and all My heart selfishly desires to be melted with yours Past heartaches never mend and for a boy his heart never bends
My mind is broken full of tears a never ending storm of stress and anger. My brain a continuous rain cloud My mental and emotional state is shattered beyond repair.
Gliding along the wooden planks As coals of emerald Kindled his face I caught a glimpse of a transfiguration. Soft winds swept up my cotton skirt Past polished shoes and mounds of earth.
“It’s really cold out here” she uttered in the bitterness of the Brooklyn night; and at first it was meant to be merely a stark statement, a quiet observation; something to crack open
the night falls because it is too heavy for the sky to hold and so is my heart as our lips part for the last time for a long while now, dear. and I feel like the word Shatter. and now
I've never met Prince Charming Never had a "noble knight" I am my own stability I've been my only light You've killed me with your lack of words I've suffocated in neglect
Sit at the table, the booth that was only whimsy, fiction until this moment, smooth the java with single servings of nostalgia and laugh a laughter deep, nourish me for a lifetime.
"You look nice today." Flashback "You look nice today." She said it so sweet The smile that crept across her face Everything about me melted away Wanting to run into her arms
To My Sweetheart: In seventh grade we met Nearly eight years ago And yet we are still together Like the mountains and the snow We do not fight, we only love And love to be with one another
Come see the beautifull creatures of the underworld she wispered As he entered the entagles of her beautifull world He was quite bewilderd and confused but most of all scarred The look on her face shoud have should how much she cared
I loved you today. The way you find me through the crowd I float amidst your love that I am bound The soft harmful whispers are no sound To my fluttering heart around Blue skies and cotton clouds
There's a hole in my heart that keeps me from sleep And a light in my soul that guides through the sea And a land I can't remember that was always my home With ghosts in the flesh that I call my own.
I am red, You are blue, I am fire, You are ocean, We are different, In so many ways, I warm you, When you are cold, You calm me, When I burn with rage, Your gentleness,
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