Caitlin I have got to


Caitlin I have got to tell you something today

You came to me like the dawn through the night

And there are no words that I can ever say

When all I want to do is just hold you tight


Caitlin you came out of my dreams

And now you’ve come into my life

When I see you my heart bursts at the seams

And my life is now without any strife


Caitlin there were so many nights I almost told you

But stopped myself afraid of just what you might say

My heart now has courage and I know what to do

I have to tell you what it is before you go away

Because if I don’t I may lose the girl I knew

So I know that I can’t and won’t delay

Or I will lose a girl whose beauty I hold so true

Because your beauty is more than I can portray

So I want to take our one and make it into two


Every single day I’ve kept these thoughts to myself

Hoping that one day I would be able to set them free

And until today I have kept them in my heart upon a shelf

But now I am beginning to understand and to see

That it’s true what I feel, that you’re the key to me


Caitlin I still think that God gave me you a beautiful dove

And I still think that us meeting had some help from above

In the end you’re the only girl to make me whole

And all this has come right from my heart and soul


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