love isn't the right word

Your chapped lips

Crush against mine

The smell of smoke

Lingers around our bodies entwined

I push you down

On top of the night grass

Covered with dew

You complain about the wetness

Saying your shirt is new

But it’s okay really

Modest mouse

Playing in the background

Because that’s what I picked

Even though I was anxious

About you not liking my music taste

And so you said “so what if I don’t”

My lips on your neck

Your hands in my hair

I don’t think that there is

Anywhere I’d rather be

The night sings around us

The cold windy air surrounds us

You pull me closer

And whisper false illusions of hope

Into my chilled ears

And I believe you

And you believe me

Because tonight

We only have each other.

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Your poems are very beautiful!

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