My First Boyfriend

He lived in a warm bubble, I lived surrounded by cool stone.

Body of a man, mind of a child, refusing to grow old.

a relationship foraged out of loneliness, we systematically weaved through the motions.

My edges were too sharp for his, darkness ripping his innocence to shreds.

He wore the blindfold of a child, mine had already died.

Inogorant when it came to me, I wanted someone he couldn't be.

Desperation spread like fire, turning me into a liar.

Fear convincing me, it was better to be with him than lonely.

He was getting colder by the second, and I couldn't bare to watch us both freeze.

Which is why, unfortunately, I set him free.

And though sometimes I think I'm right, in the dead of night,

Going back wouldn't be worth the fight.

The constant anger accompanied with fear,

Would destroy all that was good, left here.

But rough and sharp as the truth may be,

He will always be special to me. 

That was our parting line, he and I.

And no matter how much time goes by,

He'll always be first.

The inspiration of this free verse.

He is where the spark of self discovery was lit.

And he'll always be my first boyfriend.



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