Fake Love

He loves me he loves me not, he loves me he loves me not

Highschool relationship drama.

He looks into your eyes making those restless butterflies come alive.

The empty promises he makes fill your mind with desire and your heart with love.

But, what is love?

Is love a boy with skin the color of roasted almonds, green eyes with flecks of blue, and curly hair that you can’t resist running your fingers through?

Is love breaking up, getting back together, then breaking up again, a never ending cycle.

Or maybe love is 29 years of marriage and counting.

Who remembers the short blissful years of childhood?

Before you had to start juggling school work, boy’s, life, and who loves you or hates you.

I once heard that if you worried a lot your face would become a permanent frown and you could have premature wrinkles.

But yet my friends continue to worry and complain to me about what new pimple popped up where and what boy is cuter than the other and I just sit there nodding or shaking my head at the right places while in my head thinking

Really? A small pimple is your biggest worry?

What is it about teenage boys that make teenage girls go crazy?



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