Tell Me part3

Not everyone gets this opportunity 

    to find someone like you

I take it all in; One day at a time

But you're always on my mind

¡Oh it's just a first love!

But no matter what place it's in

It's Love

The greatest thing in the world

So why are they trying to take it away

    from us? 

Why are they making such a fuss

Gosh! They act as if they didn't go

   through the same stuff at one point

Oh what's the point! Like they really care

Or will listen to our point of view

What few people get to experience 

   this 4 letter word

For them I cry & sigh

What plight!

I pity the fool who says love is not

    absolutely cool

Oh A-gain what a fool

'Cuz not everyone gets this opportunity

    to find someone like you



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