Lately it seems like I am constantly going through the same battle in my mind,

And it all comes down to whether or not I need to let you go, or hold on and still believing that one day you will be mine.

I have never been so torn before as to what I should do, but I think I have let everyone get in my head,

And now I can't help but wonder if all of those conversations that we had were better left unsaid.

I know that everyone keeps telling me what I need to do, but none of them understand,

That when I started talking to you, and fell for you the way that I did, none of this was planned.

But maybe that means that this was meant to happen exactly the way that I had wanted it to,

And as I continued to talk to you and get to know you, my love for you grew.

I had always set boundaries for myself, and I was so big on sticking to them, but I continued to break every one of my rules,

And I don't know if that is because I always felt like it was meant to be, or if it was because I am that much of a fool.

Even though it is not that common anymore, I am still a hopeless romantic, and I know that my love is different from most people these days,

And I know so many people who do not believe in this type of love because they don't think anyone will stay.

Part of me still wants to believe this, but the other part of me still feels like I am the only one who is in this fight,

But the other part of me knows that when I was in a dark place, you were my only sense of light.

Maybe I read it wrong, and the hopeless romantic in me was making something of situation that was never there,

But the vulnerability, the confidence and the connection that I had with you was something that was really rare.

I'm having trouble deciphering the fantasy from the reality that I keep replaying in my mind,

Because the love that I had for you is something that is not easy for one to find.

Maybe the things you say to me are true, and I am asking you as a lot of other things are going on,

Because when I was near you, we sat together for two hours until everyone else in the room was gone.

And I noticed that when I am with you, the rest of the world disppears, which is something that I have never experienced before,

But the back and forth games that seem to be going on are keeping my heart and head sore.

I felt that connection with you before I even touched you, and when we hug, I could feel the butterflies and the sparks fly,

And despite what everyone had said, I quicky started to remember all of my reasons why.

I was told once before that I needed to give up, and no one believed me when I said that I was going to see you,

But maybe me holding on was showing them everything that I already knew.

I know that I will always have a special place for you, and that you will always hold a special place in my heart,

Because you were the only one that I knew all of this was true from the start.

I guess I just need to respect that the ball is in your court now, and that it all depends on you,

Because there is only so much that I can do.



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