Me, Discovered.

Sat, 06/01/2019 - 00:05 -- Gabie

When I was about ten years old,
I only thought about playdates and school,
iCarly and Clarie's,
I never thought I would feel so different towards another girl.
In my highschool senior year,
I made a new friend,
She will remain unnamed,
For she was my first girl love.
When she looked at me, it pierced through my soul,
I knew I wasn't my ten year old self anymore.
I felt so fragile, frustrated, frigid, everything I did felt manipulated.
I knew this feeling was real (and I feel embarrassed to say)
but she would never have loved me in the same way.
So, with these new adult feelings I discovered, a new adult skill I uncovered:
To decide between your feelings or the safekeeping of this wonderful friendship,
and so hushed I stayed.

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