Twenty - Five


Floating with the breeze,

Your deep brown hair: magical.

Perfectly magical.

The twinkle in your eyes,

The pearlescent glow of the night,

Takes me back,

Back to the time of no worries or responsibilities.

Back when we possessed that youthful curiosity

Where everything is exciting,

Where even the dark brings joy,

Right now,

As we lay in the fields of green,

With nature's children,

The moon staring down,

Our hearts feel the same;

They beat as one,.

To the rhythm of love,

Clueless of your flawless elegance,

You speak the language fo the starry night,

As you lay next to me,

I close my eyes and grin,

My heart smiles

As our bodies lock to keep warm,

And I realize:

There is nothing more perfect

Than your beautiful love.


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