It felt like August
in the middle of June
hot and humid
under the moon
puppy Love,
but nobody knew,
about to make a baby
too young, too soon

Momma and Daddy
were watching TV,
innocence and ignorance
about to breed...
going like bunnies,
under the moon...
Jany and Tommy
were just 14

Jany never listened
did what she was told...
so She went at it
out of control...
all the warnings
threw caution to the wind
thought her parents worried
cuz, they was old!
Daddy always lectured on
about carnal sin...
but on that night,
he never called her in!

Jany seemed innocent
nobody knew
under her baby fat,
a baby grew!
Next February when it snows,
Baby gonna be here
Heart and Soul...

Jany Told Tommy
it'll be ok
we'll get married
it'll be great..!
we can live
in the garage at my parents house,
I'll fix it up
and you can work!
I'll get my GED
and mom can baby-sit
forget going out
I gave my life to have him!
But what about sports?
You can play ball with him!
But what about my music?
You can sing to him!
But what about other girls
tough shit for you
for the rest of your life
you'll be with me!
A good education is what he'll need
don't forget
you have three mouths to feed
what about having fun?
too bad for you
you better include the kid too!

Gonna grow up
that much we know
They'd be teen age parents
from the seeds they sowed...
dreams of a future,
on that night,
maybe their kids would get it right!
It felt like August
in the middle of June
hot and humid
they lay under the moon...

they were too young...
too young to do that thing
too young to do that thing
too young
too young
too young


This poem is about: 
Our world


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 


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