Move On

He's desperate for another me

Why can't he move on
I left him so he could amount to more
But apparently I'm categorized as his definition of best.
She has my hair
She has my beauty
But she will NEVER be me!
You loved my personality 
You loved my body 
You loved my giving
You struggled hard and begged to not let me go
But I left 
You didn't fucking deserve to keep me
You didn't fucking deserve my love
You didn't fucking deserve who I was
I didn't deserve to be treated like that
You shut down on my future
Shut down on my dreams
Shut down on my happiness
Shut down on who I was 
I broke
I found someone who knows what I deserve
He is better than you
So many empty needs have been filled by him
And in the long run, I don't miss you..
I'm not a heartless bitch
Of course I loved you
But it took me forever to realize that if I loved myself,
I needed to let you go
I'm impossible to replicate.
So wallow in what you loss
Take it as a life lesson
I don't settle for shit
Because in my life I'm the boss
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