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the night falls
because it is too heavy for the sky to hold
and so is my heart
as our lips part for the last time
for a long while now, dear.
and I feel like the word
and now
you are like ghost kisses
the ache of remembrance on my
neck, lips, and cheek.
the crevices between my fingers
have no place to hide,
they are Empty--
so Empty
like the suitcase
gathering dust in my closet each passing day
I do not run,
run to you.
And we both have our places and times
while crystallized pain falls from our eyes
and we miss
and we ache
and we yearn.
I remember me tense in your arms
as we side stepped to...
we truly found each other
in the darkest of places,
and I remember every tear
of every shitty year
and with the sound of weeping...
your surety in my safety
you drifted away..
and Love is Heavy like that,
like the night to the sky.
and it drowns you,
breaks you,
sinks and shakes you
but it is so beautiful..
it leaves you soaring but still so heavy
and my hair is the string of a floating, roaming balloon
and one look in your eyes
calls me home.

and from here
though these miles
test us
tear us
and sometimes, sometimes win--
can't you still feel my breath fall?
and I DO love you
and I DO want you
and I DO crave you
and I DO, I DO,
I DO want to spend my years with you.
I ant moments...
millions of stars drawn together by our odd configurations
and faults
of...it wasn't supposed to be
this way
but it defied me
defied us all!
and thus we stand,
I stand quivering fingers,
heart in my ears,
every time the first time
everyday the first day.
We get comfortable,
but you never fail to patch up the wounds
from my gun
that I Shoot
before I even know why...
you're my forever alibi,
with or without crime.
In a garden I bloom,
and I started to
the day my eyes fell
on you and the night's
too heavy for the sky
and I, too, am heavy.
but you took me and you whispered
"I will love you forever,
you're the most,
the most,
the most"
your hands through wires
lift me higher,
and I am existentially
in the moment I stand.
Your warmth carries,
I want you to let me in.
I want you.
I want your head on my chest,
feel the thud of my heart
as it beats on my breast
for you.
I love you with every filament of my being,
filament because you
Ignite me,
you strip me bare and see the light in me.
And the empty spaces between my fingers?
they love you too...
Love is heavy like that,
love is measured like that
and things will break
and we'll be here
and we will push forward.
My heart beats for you...
crawl into me,
escape the worries,
love is invincible.
It's heavy,
take my best, take my flaws
We are each others,
We are,
we are alive.
Let my chest be your pillow,
and let you never forget
that this love is more
than this aching thud in my chest.
You deserve me at my best.

Love is the night falling
because it is too heavy for the sky,
but it always, always, always

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