Beside the Fire

There she sat
Illuminated by the flames
A dazzling angel
As we played our games

Her fragrance masked the logs
Her smile outshone the brightest blaze
Her laugh covered the constant crackle
Her beauty put me in a daze

Soon she'd leave
As she always does
But this time it would be different
She'd hear a little buzz

The buzz of an engine
Of a plane high in the sky
That would take her far away from me
Which is why I said goodbye

This was one of the hardest things
I ever had to do
The worst part about it though
Was that she didn't have a clue

But when she came back to visit
She did something I’d never forget
She put herself in my arms
And told me not to fret

She asked me why it took so long
For me to let her know
Because she had felt the very same way
And still hadn’t let go

We cuddled on the couch
Watched our movies that we admire
And we kissed for the first time
Back again, beside the fire



Originally posted to Helium, now Beyond Prose


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