I Miss You Quietly

You're gone, I wish you weren't, please come back my heart is breaking.
I'm hurting deep inside, yet to you my love's still flying.

I wish you weren't gone, but I know it's for the best.
Somehow I'll push on alone.
I miss you so, but still I know,
My heat lives as your throne.

You still haunt my dreams at night, but I'm glad,
How else could we talk about all the fun we had?

Some time, somewhere I'll see you again,
How I cannot wait till that day's here.

I hope you don't hurt like I do love,
Because that would break my heart.
For now we'll have to come to terms,
That we're so far apart.

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Star Soaked Hands

I wrote this poem in Jr. High. It's innocent and mushy, but it still makes me nostalgic for when I thought love was as simple as holding hands.

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