If She, Is She

If she doesn’t call is she sad?

Is she still mad?

Or am I supposed to break the ice

Say something nice

Get her to talk again

So I can kiss her on the dock again

Sit there and hold her hand again

Watch another sunset over the water

Thank God for every moment I get cause I know I’m blessed I got her

Always treat her (good)

Never cheat her

Love her always

And make it show in all the small ways

Pull her close

Hold her tight

Send a rose and a kiss goodnight

Whisper in her ear

Tell her you are always here (for her)

Don’t break her heart

It ain’t time for a new girl or a new start…

Maybe she’s still mad

But I’ll call her anyway

I gotta give it a whirl

Cause I love her

Can’t stand to lose her

So tonight I’m callin this girl

Give her a ring n say hey

I’m callin cause I’m fallin

And not knowin

Where your heart is goin

Well its maddening

So I gotta know:

Will you stay or will you go?

And I barely dare (to ask)

But do you still love me do you still care?

Or are you just an angel way above me

Could never love me

Cause you’re the dove and I'm a crow

Would a girl as beautiful as you ever stoop that low?

I guess I’m just sayin that its killin me and I gotta know

Does the girl who is my world think I’m a yes or just a no?

Am I worthless?

Or do I have a purpose?

Do you really love me or is it just on the surface?

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