Love Birds That Fly Alone (poem for allyson)

You were a drug.

I had a taste and I took a part of you and you took a part of me. You were a way to escape to somewhere else, now that I felt I never want to leave. 

You helped me escape myself, escape reality, you  gave me a chance to be something else.

Something more than myself.

And that’s all I wanted in life, is to be something more than I am now.


You made me a hero.

I could do for you what I couldn’t do for myself, save you

I could be something for you I never you could be for myself.

A rock, a light , a home , a calming voice

You gave me the chance to be something to someone.


You were like heaven.

Its perfect with you.

I focused on the good even if there was all bad,

But There could never be bad when I'm with you.

You are the destination I want to end at

You are the force that drives me to do more then I think I can

When compared to anything else, nothing is important

Nothing Is more desirable


You made me more.

Because of you I'm a better me

You made me want to be the best me

not just for me, but because I knew you deserved more

Then what I was.


But now your not here, so who am I ?

For what is a love bird that flies alone?

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