On Staying in Love


Doesn’t it bother you

That we spend our entire lives

Teetering over this invisible line?


When we’re young we want to grow up

We thrive on little tastes of freedom we get


Using big kid scissors &

Buying a car.


But the grown ups want to be us too

They want to play in bounce houses

And fall in love too Easily,

Because they forget that grade school was difficult too.


When your best friend wants to tack another “F”

On to the acronym of your relationship


That’s the only time you can enjoy it in capital form.


And I admit that wherever this magic line has been drawn

I’m still on the lower end of it

But could someone please explain to me how love

becomes new on the grey side?


My grandparents fell in love on accident

He still says it was a trick

Marrying her,

But I know that’s a lie

You can tell when he kisses her goodnight.


Though I’m sure

That at the ripe old age of 16

No one doubted her decision


I guess that the line has moved up a little

Since she was in school

Or else moved down a little while she was there.


Regardless of how her life of Cadillacs and two stories turned out

I’m sure it would be different for me.

I’m sure that the love I feel is entirely not the same.


Because there is no way she felt like melting into him,

No way that her sweetest dreams were waking up together

No way that the ring on her finger was this long in coming

And absolutely no way that she loved him half as much in 50+ years as I do

in a single second.


And so.

When the man comes along,

Whose palms are too gentle to harm you

And fists are strong enough to protect you

The man who watches his budget

And buys you diamonds (just because)

Dont let that line point you in the wrong direction.

Because society doesn’t hold you when you're lonely

or hurting

or dying.

He will.

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