For David

Your blue eyes

Pupils wide

Bet you don’t remember

How high we were

Whitney’s voice

Arguing with Kay

You yelling about a branch in your eye

Me taking another hit off your pipe

Me telling you I have to leave

You not listening

Buying more weed

From the guy in the corner

Whose name I still don’t know

Even though he told me

When he stuck his tongue down my throat

Kay giving you visine

To clear up your eyes

So you and your parents

Wouldn’t have another fight

Going out to my car

Cursing when it didn’t start

But I knew how to fix it

Saying I was smart

Bet you don’t remember how high we were

Driving away

Me being upset

Thinking I had to leave you

But we still had time

Another parking lot

Your hands in my hair

My mouth against yours

Telling me it’s okay

Saying that you’ll stay

But really you won’t

Bet you don’t remember how high we were

Me listening

Nodding my consent

Kissing you harder

Something I resent

My hands in your hair

Your mouth against mine

Me whispering it’s okay

Because I know you won’t stay

The look in your eyes

When you got up to leave

Asking to kiss me

One last time

And I said okay

But I didn’t want it to be our last

Bet you don’t remember how high we were

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