I Loved You Today


United States
31° 14' 54.1392" N, 85° 22' 32.25" W

I loved you today.
The way you find me through the crowd
I float amidst your love that I am bound
The soft harmful whispers are no sound
To my fluttering heart around
Blue skies and cotton clouds
Are none to the eyes that I had drowned
I swirl into the ocean abiss
Your sweet soul I dreamt to kiss
OH! How I never thought I'd get to say this!
I loved you today.
The comfort of arms securing my waist
This sweet love is an unforgettable taste
So thick like paste, it leaves a trace
No danger will I ever have to face
Young and reckless, time is flying!
Please slow down it's pace
OH! It feels like I'm in space!
I loved you today.


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