Love of Art

Did you ever see a future with me?

Because most woman want a man

But I waited for you to outgrow your

Boy tendencies

Yet you’re still here breaking Lego hearts

And drawing out our hopeless story

On walls like graffitti 

Somewhat like what we are

Beautilful yet ugly

How old are we? 

Fleeting eyes and worry

Once viewed as art but now

we’re vandalizing public property?

Forgotten and painted over 

We could’ve been Picassos and Van Goghs

Now we’re criminals

But even in Orange jumpsuits

My heart shoots like splatter art on a canvas

When it sees you

Maybe you could alter your purpose and about face 

From tag ups to landscapes 

Would you change for me?

Drop your childish ways and be a man for me?

Let me be a prized piece in your gallery?

Or are you done with me?

Your eyes speak differently

And I’m still here wondering

Why I continue to want you?

When I don’t recieve the emotions

But you say I gotta meet you half way

That I was being shy, have to be more risque

Wasn’t initiating the start of a masterpiece 

But I was the one waiting, patiently…

Most people don’t drive at red lights 

So what do you expect me to do 

When a few months ago 

You were saying the timings not right?

I was there in front of you, and you let me leave

If I gotta take the actions of the man 

Then who are you supposed to be?

We were supposed to be beautiful

Banksy, Marquis Lewis, You and Me

All artist in love with their paintings

Our grafitti is fading

Painted over, until our stories are forgotten


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