Better Luck Next Year

One step closer we get

The hope must strengthen for us

The obstacles encapsule us on most days

But we cant let them hold us down

Because remember you said together we are infinite

Lets take tonight and get a little reckless cause all we have is tonight

Before the future is ahead of us

So lets be like little kids and take tonight to be careless

Im a fool for you,say you are too

I stumble to ask you questions because I can sometimes am afraid of the truth

But when you tell me your heart skips a beat when you think of me

I forgot what I was going to ask

The day is coming to take matters into my own hands

Ill always be here waiting on you

Because the day is coming when ill have you,and you’ll have me

Just say you are just like me..waiting for the day

To get away

Just say you’re a fool for me too waiting for me too




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