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If I could but forget your touchYour embrace, so warm and tightThe way you sang, so sweetly muchAnd how your words lit up the night If I could wipe your scent awayThe taste of you upon my lipsAnd in silence the pleasures you layWith all the memori
If I could but forget your touchYour embrace, so warm and tightThe way you sang, so sweetly muchAnd how your words lit up the night If I could wipe your scent awayThe taste of you upon my lipsAnd in silence the pleasures you layWith all the memori
Oh lady, do you remember me?The flower you left in the book of poetry.I lay forgotten for so long,My petals dried, my colors gone. But then, a miracle occurred,I melted warm in the odes of Keats.His soul now resides within my own,And I breathe his
Hello Ebster ,
My dad was sippin on a bottle of Hennessy as he was also taking opioids. My brother my aunt my cousin and my uncle tried to stop him. Then he pulled out his gun and shot them all. I was three years old and sitting
My family means the world to me. It's somewhat like a big huge tree. Our love grows roots further than the eye can see. What my family feels like to me.
I had a father Though not known For the world to celebrate; But I had a father Whom I had known, I won't forget till date.
Only you have loved me more, I have loved you too, But only you have more love.
Today, a day like any other, the summer winds blow gently through an open door, I am happy, content, filled with hope for the future.
Jorge newbery y cabildo En Jorge newbery y cabildo estaba mi pebeta de ojos verdes como el mar Esos ojos verdaderos  que te leen el alma con una mirada y no te mienten al amar
falling in love is like an angel has descended from above to grant your every wish, you placed on top of your christmas and birthday list you waste all your money and time on them cause to you their your dime
i hate u stinky bitch the stench of u remind me of the times i love i hate u stinky bitch but i love u  
Pain surrounds his body He still plays with his youngest child, Bobby Stress deprives him from sleep He still makes time to teach his middle child about sheep Death is upon him
Daddy Daughter Memories    You have good memories you have bad ones. But the ones that stick are bad ones. I have never understood why they do, but they do. 
  *THIS POEM contains bad words and other nasty, gritty, poo-poo.  DONT read if you are easily disturbed or young.     
my living lord my living God my hero my dad one who fulfilled all my wishes one who understands all my feelings and one who cry when I get dwellings
My mind is so angry at you  Yet my heart still longs for your love.   Today I am letting you go because I love you so much,  and because I want you to be happy. 
The sun was skin kissing, much like summer but it was the opposite season. The feeling of motion sickness was taking over my body. I fell into a deep sleep knowing we had miles to go.
The grasping touch. his gentle hands held me, raised me. with my fathers might. the pain I encounter, the accidents I make, the pride in my ethnicity, my favorite songs, he invented me.
Love Is what we want and what we need, It makes us hurt and makes us bleed, And gives us strength to go on; But causes pain when its gone It gives us hope it gives us rest
express train to hell just left the station does anyone still have a reservation if so don't worry, it's alright if you do we'll just get you on the way back through those already aboard were arriving soon
You are truly a product of love, Divided by the sum of your ego, Subtracted by the quotient of your imperfection,  Multiply by the difference of your commitment.
I find my place In between your arms, In between your loving words, And soft whispers of “I love you”. In between the warmth of your embrace, And the scent of your jacket,
  Every night Before I go to sleep, I pray to the Lord Even though, I feel ignored.  I can't afford to lose my dad even more.  
I was twelve and rebellious, far from God and home at curfew, and my mother worried. Of course, the logical way for any modern mother to solve her daughter's issues-
childhood memoriesdaddy says get the lead out--pencil tip shatters . . © 2019 by Mark Toney. All rights reserved   .. ***
Let my silence narrate thy herasy Truth being slayed by grim reality
When a fatherly figure dims by the growing load, drops of responsibility may unfold.   No time to play, no time waste,
When a fatherly figure dims by the growing load, drops of responsibility may unfold.   No time to play, no time waste,
"There will be people who walk all over you, they will use you and take advantage of you" Words that my father told me at 18 before I left for college I heard what he was saying, but I didn't understand what he meant
Yes i can protect you. Better than you Cause i knows you. Better than you
I remember sitting in my daddy's lap  But I'm too old now I would break his legs if I sat on him I'm not his little girl in my eyes In his eyes I will always be  When I look in a mirror 
How many more poems? How many more tombs? How many more thoughts? How many more wombs?  
I never thought that  I would see the day When you would forever close your eyes And I would have to see my guardian angel fly away; So many regrets, so much stolen time
Oh what I have become  growing from a child to becoming an adult  I remember all the things I have done  seeing all the accomplishments I have won  Oh what I have become 
  “In the eyes of a mother I see you as my daughter. I see you as a gift sent from the heavens. I see you as a woman who will grow to be strong and independent.”   “In the eyes of a father
The door is inching open the light hits her face her Daddy needs to hear her pleas in their secret little place   oh my Baby oh my Baby Daddy needs you so so much oh my Baby oh my Baby
One call changed my life forever. On the night of February 3rd, 2017, my sister informed me that our father had been kidnapped in Mexico. My heart sunk, and suddenly my whole world was turned upside down.
my whole life ,  i always felt like i was missing something, something that i felt like was a hole . my brown eyes would water , when i  hear you say that its over .  but what can i do to make you stay...
Nothing is more beautiful  Than a father in total aura Of his young daughter   
      The dust flies up in piles, unwanted.  Coating my eyes in a layer of grit, of oblivion.  The grass is freshly cut,  just like at home.  Home. 
To the days...   I’m going to take you back many years, back to when you had very few fears. Back to the days of seeing isn’t always believing, and being promised candy is always deceiving.
remember me please within time as these melting cow doth we squeezesee me in ports desire taking gun for hire coming down to the wirebaby years ago let the truth be told people can be so coldlimitation onto exhaltation set the meter to forwardpaus
Life is not giving us all that we need It’s sometimes hard and difficult… I'm asking myself  What would my life be If he was here? It’s question without answer Because he is not on my side
Saudade By: Sydney Johnson   A feeling of melancholy, longing or nostalgia   It seeps into
DAD, I love you more than words can explain. Even tho you can't hear what im sayin. I feel it in my heart and in my veins. Missing you so bad i'm going insane.
Earlier in the twilight I saw the beautiful light The day has just begun And long shall it be gone   Although its a beautiful day The town has grown cold It is a day in April Bay
I see that you're on the move again, always in a rush  Never one for simplicity, constantly on the run  I ask if I can come along, to which you aquiesce  Hopefully we can be successful in having fun for ourselves 
It’s not easy having a 9 to 5, Not easy taking crap from people , Whose value isn’t any less greater than your own. It’s not easy reading three computer screens,
Everytime I think about you, My love for you is like glue. You do all the work for me You are a change that I only see   You are the best dad when I'm down And provide help and support whenever
He is my ghost writer The one who wants to see me ranked up higher. Helps me put in the work so I don't stress later No matter what I did he was always a fan never a hater.
He is my ghost writer The one who wants to see me ranked up higher. Helps me put in the work so I don't stress later No matter what I did he was always a fan never a hater.
You’ve taught me all there is to know about life itself.
The night before the glorious day shimmered with nerves and talks of the future   Hopes and dreams raveled the starry skies and eased the burden of the morning  
A part of your life Best,beautiful,emotions and lovely moments..... It'll never come back again. A parmanent mark onto Our soul,mind and life.... Memories is the one with which
*Chapter1*I stood still,Never thought of being' shaken, taken for, coz love was granted.
I remeber growing up as your baby cub. You taught me how to care for myself incase you were not there. Well now you are not here and I am still a lost cub.
Dear mom and dad,  I know you always wanted the best for me. Giving me everything I always need, so I try and make you proud. Living your dream through me, graduating from college and having all I need.
Thank you, I have been wanting to say it for a long time. Having the opportunity to say you were mine has truly been devine. I think about all the life lessons you habh taught me and how they shaped me into who I am today.
  I came to this world I found my self in the hands of a woman My mother She looked at me wth a smile For in me she saw a blessing My father ,my father Where were you?
The difficult me! And I can make you mad But I’m also fun I can make you laugh. AI’m tough and arrogant I can make you loose your mind But I’m also loyal I will not let you down.
My father, my father, how much you mean to me, You’ve taught me how to be mature, and good as I can be, You help me up when I fall down, and tell me I can do it,
Big words, Small words, Hard words, Soft words, Sad words, Happy words, Loud words and Quiet words, My favorite words are the ones that have me lost for words.
When you were dying, I was dazed yet ambushed. We were fusing, and I got cold feet. Who knew I wasn't cunning, firm, nor merciful of your love. The content was only in text, and a dial was abundant.
You left me so quickly. Am I useless? Do you not need me? The hole in my heart is growing, I'm turning hollow. Come back! I need you! Please!
One day in the dark I was in my school park We had a strong bond but now my father's gone I had to edure the pain without that, there's no gain I felt so helpless, so worthless
The Thoughts of a Child   Once I knew the thoughts of a child, Once I knew only innocence and peace in my home Once I knew only good and love, nothing of betrayal.  
Dear Daddy, I love you and I miss you so much. I’m sorry I didn’t spend more time with you before you left this world. I’m sorry I didn’t express my love enough.
Daddy,    You’ve gone far too soon... Leaving me with a crumbling world which mockingly mimics the earth that rained over top of your eternal bed.    
Dear Daddy,   Growing up, you were my role model. I’m not exactly sure why, but I was always your little girl.
Dear Daddy,   Growing up, you were my role model. I’m not exactly sure why, but I was always your little girl.
Dear diary, Daddy came home today.
Dear Dad, I miss the day on your birthday when we'd make cupcakes with your face on it The days we'd play catch outside in the garage  The days we'd play call of duty with my brothers
The playground withers and grows old.  Its aging wood is taken over by the sun.  I remember when the kids would play at night;  My mother and I would watch together.  Look at how it flies, the time. 
Dear Papi,   On January 8th you were given a little bouncing baby girl that has so much growing to do. I'm sorry you will not be there to see that.  
Dear Dad, How long has it been? Seasons have come and goneAnd still I move on Even now I think back to thenTo the days I curled up in your lapWhen I tried on your boots and made you laugh
Life has kinda been a jungle to me kinda like living in one or something  Wondering why my father, never came back after his hunt  Always haunted me Would sneak up on me  While my back was turned
I'm always wrong I don't belong Anywhere I walk   That's why I stay And waste away It's why I never talk   I'll never be What you want from me No matter how hard I try
Gone for months, See me once Still don't make an effort   Moved away But you stay Still don't make an effort   Right upstairs But who cares Still don't make an effort
Tedrick. Theodore. Tommy. The three names your mother and I  Narrowed down. See the world might not have known of your existence   But to your mother and I 
1step 2 steps 3, 4, 5... i had to make sure that i was still alive something bothered my foot  it messed with my soul   it hurts more to see a monster cry i did it the thing that helped me survive
Dear Daddy,   Do you remember that day out on Tiana Bay? I was four years old, Big brown eyes, twig legs, and abounding joy.   We went on the boat,
Sixteen years went by I'm waiting for you to come I read to myself every night I cried as nightfall came. We're standing eye to eye I'm not waiting for you I have no reason to cry
My parents are LOVE. They argue, they fuss and downright disagree with each other, often. LOVE is not seeing eye to eye. They like different movies but every once in awhile they find one together.
Because I love you, I look you deep in the eyes I hold my head up high, When I'm standing by your side Because I love you, I laugh all the time, I can be myself And I never have to hide
You walked out on me. You left me. I lost you , you lost yourself.   Only way to describe our relationship is a black pit;  Bottomless and dissapointing.   I call your phone to remind myself 
I’m the spontaneous COMBUSTION Of a happy But mad   Ugly but Pretty   Stubborn But cooperative
here is what real love is   real love is taking action when not asked taking up for those who fall short speaking for those who can't real love is when my father cleans for my mother
Love is not just romance over and over, it's also a bond of friendship working together. No matter if the experience gets tough, we work to understand each other and grow closer.
Linda Hayden                                 Maple Leaf Marmalade colored trees blazed against the cold, whirling skies overhead. I picked up a maple leaf that showed itself
My father's hands are popped and cracked like the canyons that he made his home. Traveling from the cities of Chicago to the empty deserts of Arizona His hands have seen it all.  
     I love you so much that I forgive every wrong thing you do. I don't question you anymore. You remind me you love me but your actions sometimes contradict your words. I love you that's why I don't stay mad at you. 
Stars don’t twinkle as bright as they did when I longed for their warmth Mountain peaks are tangible; Thoughts of you can calm the storm Ocean depths aren’t deep at all in comparison to our talks
Days turn into months And months into years As I patiently wait for your return. Just thinking,  Where could you have gone? Gone like the wind. You left me here waiting, Just waiting.  
Because I am a young adult I will reach out to you whenever you are in need. Because I am kind, I will give you endless mercy. Because I am a rose who grew from concrete, I will empathize with you.
My heart is weak my soul is deep with words I can't speak but would u listen understand or even believe so I prefer to show u in actions take a jorouny of my thoughts so when walls are broken then words are spoken .
When I was just a little child I began to see I had a special family Who is always there for me. A family that stands by you No matter what you've done; Who picks you up and dries your tears
I stood there frozen, looking down upon. Your eyes still closed, I looked towards your mom. This is ours? I asked. The doctor and nurse laughed. How could we create, an Angel, a Queen?
"Grounded, you can't go out!" I heard, he didn't have to shout. "You can't go to the prom!" I think, he should take that up with mom.   Dad slammed the door shut, off to work
He Loves You By Zarinah Alarcon   When he Retweets your tweets on twitter Likes your pictures on instagram And reads your story on Snapchat
Immortality could be a curse and a living joke You couldn’t believe in the tales told by the old folks Since I was a kid, I dream about living an Immortal life Not just any immortal life, but a life to still see my wife 20 years from the other sid
Midnight, A cold night in November. 
 There's nothing else to get me through the day,Than smothering my lips over your cute face,So soft and innocent I just want another taste,Of moments with you that take your breath away;
May 22 was the worst Just gotten home from school He wasn’t there He had been gone for too long When Mom came home she told me He was gone
Out of the mere solace there springs forth a silence cold hearts plunge in it's beautiful interludes A beacon of light for a hurting world in need sorted Lavender grace upon the Peyton Place
evil eyes, skulls & crossbones tombs unknown fallen in swift desolation the mockery is torn
it's not a one time shopping event at your local seven eleven bible, glasses, pen & book take a deep breath another look we search for truth out of a garbage can
A New York Minute Within a solemn pew one can forgive their neighbor Shut the stereo down sound the alarm Vast illumination
Satan's Hell
A Paradox Through A Willow green, blue, white, grey & black working to hard today can give you a heart attack
Gothic Illumination
St. Theresa ( The Little Flower)
through space and time we created a rhyme in solace one can relinquish a promise that was made in the dark A lone blade of grass   to confide in the human heart through the breeze we sense trees
There is a place where anger dwells far in the pit of hell Smile is contagious so pass yours on to frolic in the ambiance of a song gone are the days of modest touch in twentieth century world in a rush
Torn beneath the earth there is a frost there is heads in are streets that need to be taught Lines being formed sides being chosen   Light of illumination How you had fought so hard and fierce
Some where in this universe is an answer truly. A question we all diverge as a result of our undoing. But this life is a test that we barely shine to admit. The colors we display on a map of old cold hatred.
his brain leakeS Then could barely seek Although his child spoke Nothing but a cry for his life father Don’t leave Unless you’re forgetting me
Never Did I expect my life to change I wish it was all dream and that nothing was true Reality came and it broke each of us Was my dad really diagnosed with Dementia? It couldn't be true! why him?
Never Did I expect my life to change I wish it was all dream and that nothing was true Reality came and it broke each of us Was my dad really diagnosed with Dementia? It couldn't be true! why him?
    I can’t live without love And not have that one emotional hugthat u can’t let go of That would make things right
You make me think that I can't be free. Make me think I'm a princess, in a tower. Whisper menacingly in my ear that you'll eat my flower, make it sound like a good thing. I wait for you to kill me.
2016 Leap year The year to finally achieve my goals BOOM Trapped in darkness Your safety net and rock just got diagnosed He has cancer You fall in a hole He will recover. CALL 911
NOTE: Before I continue, I want to infom my audience that my poem was written after seeing my father for the first time in 9 years...  
  Shana Aubrey Harris born two days after ole Punxsutawney   i.e. the Doctor Phil - 
All of them asking about you Give birth to the sun the day asked about you When the evening Reflected the light of the moon from your window asked about you The birds, which you left them with thirsty
don't try My Darling The fruits of my tree doesn't fall Hasn’t aftertaste Wind and rain stripped distance Deadline to my passion Distance is did not saturate Remain in my memory only the eyes your lips...
Taking in each deep breath in slowly without a miss, Letting my stress dance away in an espresso bliss. Forgetting all the negatives that turn skies melancholy, Watching as my sorrows melt in a mocha swirl's melody. 
"Listen to the forest. Breathe; this is home." When I say this to myself, I am you. I become Daddy's footprints. My first steps were on top of feet with fingers held in weathered hands
It runs through his veins,He tries to produce it, but he's body does not allow it.He needs the transfusion and he takes the transfusion because he knows it is for his own good.I'm scared.I don't want him to know.
She wondered why he was never home And only thought and thought Maybe he was really near Or maybe he just forgot
The day you entered my life/ I know we won't have any strife/ Our family: Dad, child, wife/ But taht is just a big fyffe// A lie just to give you hope/ Daddy don't need to elope/So please baby don't go mope/My chance of love is a slope// Baby do n
Erica and Carlos, a couple in love. The day they become the Morales, a moment of pure bliss. Vows are exchanged, the air occupied by doves. Rings that symbolize a love, care, and admiration, it all sealed with a kiss.
Fathers day was a few weeks ago but the reality is many famlies are missing fathers. So I wrote a poem about it.
He bangs the door in my face in protest. Why do I hurt them that I’m meant to protect? All I see in his eyes is detest. No love left to detect.
I hail from a tribe of giants. Men AND women each grand In size and heart and mind. Titans who built the world up  And gave it greatness.   I hail from a clan of giants. Four brothers-
Blood and tears pour from my tiny body. Bike behind me, I run into your comforting arms. I let you tend my wounds, both real and fake, Watching your calloused hands dance as you worked.  
Poem by Josephine Hill As told by Joseph Hill                                                                                                            As told by Joseph Hill  
"Love is disastrous.", daddy said. Though he is the one destroying it "Love is abusive.", daddy said. Though he is the one who's hurting
I can’t live without you I’m not ready to give you up Dad You have to be there for me   I remember the night I called mom In tears and you answered. I’m sorry
Without you I would be lost. I know its been tough lately I've been driving you crazy, But I think you need to know I see you working hard The way your feet hurt when you come home.
A gift is given. Fruit is cultivatedBy the one we loveAnd sweet caring motivationAnd sometimes temptationBut love is always there when we Want it but not need it
I miss you guys, More and more each day. I wish, I wish it didn't have to be this way. Remember those days where we just sat and smile for a while. Nothing but smiles and laughs. And now I weep nothing but tears. 
Oh dad, Where did you go? You were here and then you disappeared suddenly, Dad, why did you have to go? Why couldn't you stay with me, and be a part of my life forever?
I'll be with you forever  Of course you will Daddy, we'll always be together I'll always help you when you are sad  I know Daddy. You ALWAYS make me feel glad
A steam engine never stopping The beat that is forever dropping My father that will never stop working For me. A hand that is never shaking A sheild that is under no circumstances breaking
All I ever needed was you All you had to do was tell me the truth Instead of doing all of that you put me through I was suppose to be someone you loved But yet you placed someone else above me
All I Need All I need in life is his warm hug, and for whenever I get scared, to squash that creepy bug. All I need is for him to cheer at every game,
We were best friends till the end, but the end was too soon. He said it would be okay, but that was a lie he couldn't control. I remember it like it was yesterday, to be six years ago.
I have a great dad. He taught me good things Things I can do well Things I didn't know about One day at a time To treat others like myself Life isn't always necessarily predictable
I don't need a big mansion Nor a lot of money I don't need fancy clothes Nor a brand new car I don't need fame Nor the glory of it All I need is love Whether it's family A soulmate
  Midnight terrors  I experienced it all on my own  Waiting for acknowledgement  Till Every bit of my existence seized to exist.  I still love that him though.. I can't even explain that shit 
I thrive for your love  I thrive for those blue eyes just like mine to show me I belong.  I thrive for you to see my hurt  I thrive for you ro know...
Like a child, I will believe every word you say no matter how ridiculous it may sound.  And every time someone tries to convince me otherwise I will interupt them with "but my Daddy said..."
Love is amazing, It is profound it is what makes us real we all love and hurt we live to Learn love we live to feel,  
Whenever you call whatever you need I'm there in a flash, But who's there for me?   My mom, some say? I mean, you could be right. I just want to thank God My father is in my life.
Whenever you call whatever you need I'm there in a flash, But who's there for me?   My mom, some say? I mean, you could be right. I just want to thank God My father is in my life.
There is one person I can't seem to escape He hides in my memories  constantly running up and down my spine causing shivers and quakes the one person that was supposed to be a masterpiece   
 When he took the last breath, I knew it was real. I had not only lost my father, but the most important man in the world.
Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! Look at how I jump, Watch me swing as high as the sky, like a bird I really do fly, into your arms as you catch me once again, With you in this world, there really is no wrong,
As I stand in front  of you almost 18. I wonder what my life would be like. Maybe you would've  been their for every  daddy- daughter dance  that I had to  miss because 
my father reduced to a pile of belongings   "a seperate load" on moving day to be locked in a storage unti abandonded worn clothes donated to charity
Glasses covered with roses Shattered as he closes the door behind him Heart filled with devastation Tears fill my eyes, asking why? Mustering up the strength to pick up the pieces
The rain, the thunder the dirt and grass beneath my feet The swoosh of my hand as I shoo the fly that interrupts me as I lick the barbecue sauce off my fingers on that sunny Fourth of July
Aspirations Controls Destinations.    
I remember the morning I was riding my tricycle
  I don't know what to do.
Once again I am afraid to face this day The day you left without returning
Remember that time, When you said you would try to come to my graduation and you were unable to make it and I began to cry a river of tears. The crying, something you have seldom seen.
Daddy think he knows it all but daddy has seen nothing at all daddy says he knows best but I don't think he knows the rest daddy has no say at all because personally I'm not his job 
Little Wooden Porch Swing
To Be Heard
What is love?  Is it that splintering feeling of pain when you reach over from the driver's seat to touch her shoulder and "Apologize" for yelling?  Is it that fear to go to sleep because I know what the alcohol does? 
As the years go by She grows with the changes of life Her simple worries and fears Turning into grave strife   No longer a little girl Believing in fairytales they would tell Stuck in her mind
I write to the Little Girl in the Future. In case you have forgotten... In case you have forgotten the beauty of the swirling passions of the primitive past
Anyone I have ever loved is a ghost I keep alive in my notebookBy feeding them the ink from my ball point pen,And let them sleep between the college ruled lines likeSome sort ofInhumane bunk bed.
today's your birthday and Fathers Day with everything that's happened i know you'd be speechless it's hard to think of what to say I feel like since you've been gone our family has been a mess
Daddy daddy A little girls hero Her very first crush Been with her since zero He'd rock her to sleep And tickle her till she woke But her daddy, he left her Recovering from coke
 i can feel his gaze on the back of my neck his emotionless eyes burning holes through my back i like to think he is filled with guilt and remorse that his daughter has given up on him
The youngest of three from the one you married  The second youngest of five that you claim as your children.  I was two when the divorced happened.
What is a father with his son,A boy without a dadashamed to ask his mother about any questions he ever hadhe used to be so excited, just to hear his dads voicebut its fadeding aways, he can see the devorce
                             When I was born you were not there for me ....,,,.,...   . .My last name should have been Lewis not Jackson but you let your family members feed you lies saying "shes not yours she too red to be yours" you believed the...
Its in times like these that I wish I had you right by me to hold me, comfort me & tell me everything is gonna be okay
one, moment that changed our lives. as you told me the news  Holding my hand  Two seconds for it to sink in  I let the tears fall three days before you left walking away from us leaving 
I can't remember the last time we spoke. I didn't care to either. All those threats my thoughts provoke. I don't remember when we were happy. You used play and laugh, you see. Now you can't be with me.
Daddy why did you leave me  Aren't you supposed to  Hold me  Love me  Comfort me  Daddy why did you hit her Aren't you suppose  to protect her Love her Respect her
It weighed so heavy on my Daddy. The thick black coughing dust. He didn't have the weight of the world on his shoulders. Just the weight of my future, but I am his world. He wanted the brightest light for me.
I had a dream,
You may be far away, but I remember the day. Counting cars from the window, looking at your shadow. You told me not to be, like you; But Daddy I am strong, I get mad,
Gone… But where?
I wonder how long it took you to forget you had a daughter. To forget you were a man, to forget you had a backbone. Bones stacked in closet, I brought them back. Did you forget you created a stronger one.  A woman one.
Daddy Papa Father   As your only son What do I call you? Never in my life Nothing going on Shadow from my past Everthing is moving too fast
Can you hear me? Do you see me? Do I matter to you? Why won't you listen? Will I ever impress you? I work so hard, everyday, to impress you.  Why don't you care? Why am I so worthless to you?
As tears roll down my face I think of yesterday and the things I didn't say   Im sorry for the dissapointment sorry for the heart ach sorry for letting you down  
daddy daddy please keep your eyes on me? please leave your smile at my face? please set your attention here?   at the park daddy, push me on the swing? watch carefully
    I can see his tears fall lovelessly, & hers tears fall unconditonaly. i catch them always. i know he wants us to celebrate his life that he lived,
Daddy why did you leave me ? I was the spitting image of you did the pink baby room or Winnie the pooh outfits mean nothing to you How about the little girl daddy in superman caps trying to be like you 
  The sun was smilin’ When I buried my daddy.   The sun was smilin’ with her sweet irony.  
Sometimes we argue, sometimes we fight, we definitely have our fits, but that's alright.   Maybe things aren't always perfect, sometimes we wonder why, occasionally I give up.
When you took at your phone and asked me to smile And tell you I loved you, I just waved you off I didn't notice the suitcase on the floor Or the sadness in your face.  
they say father loves you they say father cares, he vies for affection, but his approval is rare, his jokes are lame, his skin is thin, to defend yourself, seems a sin.
Her alarm went off at six in the morning She heard wedding bells in her sleep, then the snooze went off-- a warning.   He turned on the coffee pot, somewhere on the other side of town.
I one was as a-rottin' As you'd think a man could be I spent my days a-loadin' My 1873  I had no wife to watch me I'd lost her years ago As for my one and only son He had no fights to own 
Scribbling words and notes that get so hard to swallow like pills flowing out of all these little orange bottles I'm choking more and more but they keep coming full throttle 
It use to be so clear for the world to see, daddy's little girl that use to be me. I had no problems I was free from the world, all because I was daddy's little girl.
Earsplitting music, flashing lights, The time: two hours past midnight. Clouds of smoke hang in the air, And sounds of vulgar language blare.   A man is sitting by the bar Consumed by vodka and cigars.
When I was young My Daddy read me stories as I drifted to sleep And I watched in awe as the peaceful melody of words evolved into symphonic wonder; a castle, a wish, a hope shone in my Daddy’s eyes.  
hey daddy, it's me, you're little girl... I need to tell you something that will make you want to curl. I went to that party, it was right down the block, but I didn't bother telling you, I was distraught.
I hope you treat her right. Like a real daddy should. I hope you give her everything Like a real daddy might.   This is your do over To show you can be a good dad I must’ve done something wrong
You should be my hero, My personal Superman. Always there to hold my hand.   You should take me fishing, Teach me about boys. And show me how to fight.   I should be your princess,
Screams and swears Errupt from downstairs. Two tiny brown heads have heard; They hang on every word.   The shatter of glass, The slam of a door. He hits his gas
Cold wind blowing.Chills run down small spines.I turn around, you're gone.We never got to...go to dances or play ball.No Christmas presents or Birthday cards.No visits. No "I love You's!"
Cold wind blowing.Chills run down small spines.I turn around, you're gone.We never got to...go to dances or play ball.No Christmas presents or Birthday cards.No visits. No "I love You's!"
You are so very special to me Even though your appearence was so bare The life you let me live is so free You are the reason I am so very fair I try and cope with strong emotions As easily as I possibly can
Every year of my life, every month of the year, and every day that goes by I keep forgetting that you’re no longer here. I wished this pain would all go away but each countless moment I thought you I just made the suffering continue longer.
My secret is out, A terrible truth. You watched my tears fall, With utter aloof. “Back your packs,” You muttered in disgust. “There’s no room for you here, It’s time to adjust.”
Another day had gone past with you away It seems like there too many months in a day, Valentine's Day passes with you sending petunias to Momma I only wish you could be back home so I wouldn't have to deal with the drama!
Nerline! Nothing more, nothing less My name among other things pronounced at his lips' release A petrified shiver down my spine We are nothing more than strangers who
You know it's been so long since your depart,It hurts so much to know that you're not here,And I need you here with me to keep me from falling apart,But you're not here and it feels as though I am about to disappear,
I just wanted closure I wanted to start a new chapter I longed for the day I could move on And let go of the one person I was chasing after I cried oceans of tears at night
On a Saturday night around 12 am I find myself lost in a haze of vibrations and hands Pulling at my hips, while we dance At the end of our meeting With a name and a drink I was greeted
"Daddy?" "Yes, Sweetheart" "I love you" I write for the one who gave me brown hair and eyes, For the one who sang me my favorite lullabies. The swing set he built, my rocking horse by hand,
Hell is his empty syringe And the searing pain of his emptiness. Hell is the heat of the absence That grows hotter in his presence. Hell is the tears that evaporate
This, is deeper than the fourth period-- Sorrowful Story, Something Strong But it seems like my definition of my metal was wrong Abuse: He used his strength the wrong way; Mommy! His angry transition,
August 10th, 1993 12:24 P.M beautiful girl is born. Her first birthday is celebrated in the bowl-shape city, New Orleans. This year she goes under for surgery to fix her fingers. Daddy promises she will wake up.
Daddy, Daddy look at me Watch me as I fly More and more I’m gaining speed As I soar through sky Mommy, Mommy how I see you below me now I’ll come and have a looky When I can swoop down
You held me in 1994 for the first time Since then you fed me. clothed me. And a life full of love and joy Taught me how to be wiser Showed me how to shine my brightest
If I could tell you one more thing, I would ask you to remember everything. I want you to know that I’m not mad, But yes I often to get sad. I still believe you can hear me,
Am I still your little girl, Daddy, Please tell me it's true. I think I grew up too fast, Daddy, Even though I didn't have a clue. I tried to grow up for you, Daddy, So you didn't have to try so hard.
The thought of losing you Makes my mind go blue No more beer No more cigarettes No more smell of it upon your breathe Empty garden Empty shed My mom lies alone in the bed All your jokes are remembered
Our Father, our dad, a wonderful man You beleve in us and tell us we can do whatever we think we can A dad is a symbol of protection I can say none of us have ever felt neglection
This poem is a comparison of my biological father, and My “Step-Dad”. The contrast of the two “fathers” has shaped me into the person that I am. Daddy’s Little Girl?
Just a farmer, that's all he is: Not a celebrity or a politician. He doesn't think he's some big whiz; And he's not a man on a mission.
You once were my hero I’d stare up in awe At one point you cradled me In daddy-bear paws   In you I found comfort I had a real friend But sadly all good things Must come to an end  
Dear Daddy, You are as strong and powerful as the largest tsunami No being, natural, supernatural, cosmic, earthbound, or mythological Sits higher, stands taller, or rules better than you
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