He Always Knew

She wondered why he was never home
And only thought and thought
Maybe he was really near
Or maybe he just forgot

Her mother would avoid the topic
She would always change it quick
But the girl never bought it
She thought it was just sick

She thought of different scenarios
She thought about it every day
Like a tree, her imagination grows
She thought about why he didnt stay

It didn't make sense that he'd leave a small baby
I was just so small
It could be he didnt know, maybe
Yes I am that girl

I supposed he doesnt know
He never showed or sent a thing
So his love never had a chance to grow
He could never have any love to bring

I wondered and wondered who he was
Why does he not care
Maybe it was just because
He didnt want to be there

All the thoughts that went on in my mind, in the back
My courage to ask never grew
Finally I went up and asked
And found out that he always knew

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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