Please Don't Go

Another day had gone past with you away

It seems like there too many months in a day,

Valentine's Day passes with you sending petunias to Momma

I only wish you could be back home so I wouldn't have to deal with the drama!


Panic settles in the pit of my stomach as my fourth grade mind thinks

My health just seems to shrink and shrink

You couldn't see the joy on Momma's face when she sent you that box of goodies,

Goodies that my sisters and I sealed had sealed in some popcorn and other yummy munchies.


Daddy, I only wished you could be with me when we went to the zoo and saw pandas

We could see the silly panda bears eating bananas!

I look down as I write to you in purple pen as tears fall down my face

I just wish I could be your little girl in lace.


But all I really  just want my daddy back from Iraq

I'm not ready to grow up yet, Daddy.


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