The Long 9 to 5

It’s not easy having a 9 to 5,

Not easy taking crap from people ,

Whose value isn’t any less greater than your own.

It’s not easy reading three computer screens,

Answering phones that never stop ringing off the hinges.

It’s not easy giving 15 to 20 years of your life to a company,

You don’t even love…..


It’s not easy having a 9 to 5,

Not easy working everyday in pain,

To give your child their heart’s desires.

Not easy working knowing your car might not last the week,

And still having to come home and raise a child.

Still having to learn new methods mathematics

Linear Equations,Algebraic Expressions, Quadratics, Logarithms,

And that's just the half of it,


It’s not easy having a Job,

When worrying about your child’s emotional state of mind,

When college acceptances leave the child’s mind numb,

When keeping up with GPA’s leave the child distressed,

When the child worries if their not enough,

When they feel like nothing.


It’s not easy being a Parent,

A provider,

A caregiver,

A friend when there’s nowhere else to turn to.

The one’s i’ll always aspire to live up to .

My mentors.

My Parents, thank you for everything.


This poem is about: 
My family


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