Dad, I love you.


Every night

Before I go to sleep,

I pray to the Lord

Even though, I feel ignored. 

I can't afford to lose my dad even more.


Here with freedom,

Watching my dad suffer behind bars.

If only he could see me grow up

To be a star.


When I was 8, 

I was told 5 more years.

It is too late-I’m already 13.

My faith with God goes faint.

Although he sends me pictures

he stay lifting weights.


That’s the stuff that puts

a smile on my face.

Only if his time left

 wouldn’t be a while.

He tells me,” Keep your head up and smile.”


I won’t let him down, not yet.

Not with all the frowns 

He has already met.


I love you, Dad

Don’t make me sad.

If anything, make me glad.

I will too

With everything we have been through

I love you.


This poem is about: 
My family
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