He bangs the door in my face in protest.
Why do I hurt them that I’m meant to protect?
All I see in his eyes is detest.
No love left to detect.

He pins a letter for me on the fridge.
Saying, “Daddy I’m going over the edge,
No wonder mommy jumped off a bridge.”

My son, walking out the door,
Like his mother when she said, “Honey I’m off to the store.”
Little did I know she’d been fighting a war.
Next I saw her she was no more.

He says to me my cases are more important.
With me it is always ‘that respondent’
Or ‘this claimant’ and ‘that appellant’.
That with my family’s wishes I am not conversant.

“This is an open letter from me to you,
I know you love me and I love you too.
But papa you should’ve married your book in lieu,
Of marrying a woman whose kids you shoo.
One of these days, I too
Like mama, will bid you adieu.”

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