Long Live the Giants

I hail from a tribe of giants.

Men AND women each grand

In size and heart and mind.

Titans who built the world up 

And gave it greatness.


I hail from a clan of giants.

Four brothers-

Each bigger than the last.

A soldier with skin like armor and twinkling eyes, 

A priest with an infectious laugh and a kind ear,

A healer with a heart of gold and arms of safety,

And a teacher with an everlasting smile and a loving spirit.


I hail from the greatest of the giants.

The youngest, the biggest, the beloved.

A teacher of all things good and right and pure.

To all he gave some.

But to me, he gave all.

Love and luck and learning and life-

My inheritance.


I hail from an angel- 

A giant, who now resides amongst the stars

And accepts my art as an offering.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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