Daddy's Little Angel


Earsplitting music, flashing lights,

The time: two hours past midnight.

Clouds of smoke hang in the air,

And sounds of vulgar language blare.


A man is sitting by the bar

Consumed by vodka and cigars.

One glass turns into two, five, ten,

He longs for happiness again

But cannot reach it like before,

So, filled with hate, he drinks some more.


A little girl stands trembling near,

Her big blue eyes look down in fear.

Clutching a teddy bear in hand,

She glumly tries to understand

Why Daddy brought her to this place,

And tears start running down her face.


She calls the man, tugs at his sleeve,

"I'm scared, Daddy, can we leave?"

"You, shut your mouth!" he screams at her,

And bloats his veins with more liqueur.

She begs, wails, whines, for him to go,

Until his anger overflows

And any self-control is dead...

He strikes the child upon her head.

The girl falls face-first to the floor,

She isn't breathing anymore.


The man could not look at himself since then,

Or dare come close to alcohol again.


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! Please never stop expressing from the heart. Continue the journey of poetry. 

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